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Who is leading us against the Chinese menace?

America was recently host to a Chinese spy balloon. The balloon was the size of three school buses and could change its direction. It crossed America at 60,000 feet, enabling it to see vast areas at any time. It was a balloon capable of delivering an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP).

Although EMPs are not well known to the American public, the technology is very well known to the United States military. An EMP will fuse all micro-processors together, in the same way a blowtorch would. Every computer would stop simultaneously — cars, aircraft, phones, the internet, hospitals, everything — and America would return to the lives lived by our ancestors in the 1800s.

When one reads about the military “hardening” their technology, that is actually military lingo for “protecting it from an EMP.” President Biden claims he ordered it to be shot down, yet somehow the military disobeyed the order. The official story is the military advised the president that shooting it down might be dangerous to civilians on the ground. Given that the balloon was first spotted in Montana, it drifted over tens of thousands of square miles of virtually uninhabited land.

We do not believe the world’s leader in military technology couldn’t shoot down a balloon over the Big Sky states or the Midwest and drop it into an uninhabited area. Instead, one could argue that we allowed it to finish its mission and be shot down over the Atlantic or one may believe the administration when it suggests it disabled the spy ship from transmitting information. Reaction from those on the left was to view the incident as benign, while those on the right expressed outrage. Given the balloon was launched by the CCP, outrage is the proper response.

The Chinese leadership is very different than our own; while we think in two-year election cycles, it’s been said the Chinese think in decades. And it has been decades since we attempted to rein in their growing global influence; instead, we have watched as China has become the new Evil Empire.

To call them such is no exaggeration; one need only look at the way they treat their own people. Their response to COVID has been beyond the pale, literally jailing their own citizens inside their homes and apartments for months on end. They are committing genocide on the Uyghurs. Of course, only the foolish have forgotten about their slaughter at Tiananmen Square.

In terms of a clear and present danger, we know full well that China is the world’s largest manufacturer of fentanyl, and tons of the product are flowing into the states via drug cartels through a virtually open Southern border. Synthetic opioids (mostly now fentanyl) kill 70,000 Americans a year. That is more souls than died in the entire Vietnam War — every year. We believe this is nothing short of an undeclared war, as nothing happens in China without the knowledge of the CCP.

Revolt is an impossibility, as evidenced by the brave citizens of Hong Kong. The CCP’s use of facial recognition and the tracking of individual citizens is the stuff of sci-fi, and light years ahead of what the KGB ever dreamed possible. If the KGB could terrorize the entire Soviet Union using only written reports and rumors, imagine life under the CCP.

The Chinese have far greater plans than simply maintaining control of their own people. We believe it is self-evident their goal is global dominance. It is within the realm of possibility that the CCP doesn’t even fear full conventional war, as the leaders and elites would survive such an encounter, and the number of dead citizens would be of little concern. Even killing a Chinese population that is the size of the entire United States would be a proverbial drop in the bucket for them. Do they know better than to go nuclear? War games at the Pentagon are made of such questions.

China’s saber rattling goes well beyond a military perspective because global dominance requires much more. Impoverished African nations desperate for economic development have borrowed tens of billions to be a part of China’s Silk Road — and several have found themselves in a position where they could never repay the debt. As is obvious, those nations are now quite literally owned by China. How much loyalty will they offer China to have that debt forgiven? Would they offer China sole access to their critical natural resources?

We believe China’s “legitimate” economic investment in the U.S. is also great cause for alarm. They have openly begun to acquire American farmland and, although their ownership percentage is quite small, it is impossible to know how much they own through shell corporations. In addition, it impossible to know the extent of their commercial real estate and business interests inside the U.S. More than one political analyst has warned that China could collapse America simply by putting a for sale sign on all their American properties.

China also has a strangle hold on America through its manufacturing capabilities. Should they decide to (fully) nationalize all their manufacturing outlets and shut them down, untold numbers of Fortune 500 companies would collapse, almost immediately. Certainly, Big Tech would collapse, likely overnight.

We must not forget that America has allowed China to corner the market on many drugs, including antibiotics, simply by subsidizing the cost of the drugs and driving American drug manufactures into bankruptcy. How many Americans would die each year without access to antibiotics? The death toll would be unthinkable.

The CCP “owns” even our sports and entertainment industries, as professional athletes, team owners, and Hollywood executives bend the knee to every Chinese command. Social media platforms self-censor, based on orders given by the CCP.

Finally, we come to the emerging evidence of a connection between China, Hunter Biden and “the big guy.” It is unthinkable that it took a Republican victory in the House to have what may be a treasonous crime even investigated. The American left is so utterly unhinged from reality, they’d rather this situation remain uninvestigated than uncover what could be one of the greatest national security threats in American history.

Let us hope the Republicans move swiftly and decisively and uncover what did or did not happen with the Bidens. The American people need to be able to trust their commander in chief to stand up against to the very real Chinese threat; the facts speak for themselves.


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