MARCH 2021

Arrogant Andy

In an implosion likely lit by the matches of the governor’s ego, Andrew Cuomo hasn’t overshot his skis this far since he lost his “royal Democrat” wife, Kerry Kennedy. Reports suggest the Kennedy clan found their new in-law to be paranoid and certainly tone deaf to the concerns of others when he played “Sympathy for the Devil” at one of his campaign events. (Recall lyrics:  “Who killed the Kennedys …” Currently, he has refused to apologize for his decision to force nursing homes to take COVID-19-positive patients and for reportedly hiding the number of deaths in New York State’s elder care facilities. Please see page 10 for our full editorial on this topic.

Tone deaf Ted

Speaking of being tone deaf, Sen. Ted Cruz flew to Cancun, Mexico with his daughters as his home state was facing the wrath of its worst winter storm in Lone Star State history. He claimed he was being a “good dad” while admitting it was the wrong thing to do. Seems to the Rambler that building a snow man with his children would have been the better choice; however, he, unlike “Boss Cuomo,” has provided some contrition for his missteps.

S.C. sets the example

Meanwhile, the Palmetto State is showing us how it’s done when it comes to corruption and misconduct. Former SCANA CEO Kevin Marsh, who has pled guilty to federal conspiracy fraud charges, also pled guilty to state charges on Feb. 24 in Spartanburg. He faces a two-year prison sentence and a $5 million fine. Earlier in February Gov. McMaster removed Amy Cofield, director of the State Accident Fund, for hiring her husband’s employer for a contract worth more than $600,000. Cofield protests that the deal was approved by her staff, and the state inspector general is investigating.

Who’s pulling the strings?

Outside the perp-walk world, Disney’s streaming service has added “Offensive content” warnings to videos starring … the Muppets. We at the Rambler are relieved, knowing the abuses perpetuated by Big Puppet are finally being reined in. We have long railed against the not-so-subtle messages perpetuated by Miss Piggy (fat shaming) and Kermit (patriarchy). If all goes well, we will be expecting content warnings for Sesame Street next due to the following issues:  Cookie Monster (eating disorders), Oscar the Grouch (mental health), Count Von Count (xenophobia) and Big Bird (gigantasophobia).

Sail on, vice commodore

For the first time, the Charleston Ocean Racing Association is making history with the first ever female commodore and female vice commodore holding office at the same time, respectively, Margaret Conway-Hekker and the Mercury’s own photographer extraordinaire, Kathleen Buckley. This appointment comes just in time for Women’s History Month and weather that allows one to put away the insulated sailing gear until next winter.

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