JULY 2020

Dragging the dragon

The state motto of that other Carolina (you know, just on the other side of Pedro and the Sombrero Tower) is “to be rather than to seem.” This is on our mind as we watch so many folks in the mainstream media step out as apologists for the government of communist China. Even those frustrated with federal and state responses in our country should recall that we have nothing in common with this Chi-com government. We’re not the ones who’ve used state media to cover for our leaders, our police forces to silence doctors and our health organizations to falsify information and mislead the world. Find more on these points in this month’s editorial.

Mayor Billy and other wise voices

Dispatches from the lower Lowcountry report that, following the recent closure of beaches at Hilton Head, would-be sun worshippers packed onto boats and forewent social distancing for sun and saltwater on area sandbars. Beaufort Mayor Billy Keyserling declared one packed-and-partying sandbar bash “Water Festival-like,” and, more directly “selfish.” We are not hard wired to be away from friends in social settings, especially in our “perfect” spring weather, but we all need to heed Mayor Billy and be wise to the crisis.

Take a hike

At the moment, many of us are spending a lot more time in nature than we planned. A small silver lining in our otherwise grey skies, nature is beautiful, and … it is turkey season. Your Rambler would like to mention our great national rafter of turkeys — Congress — and note a matter that must not be overlooked when the dust settles regarding a relief bill:  the Great American Outdoors Act. Introduced in the Senate last month, the bipartisan bill would secure billions for America’s ailing National Parks. Years of deferred maintenance have rendered the wild spaces we all share less and less accessible:  This sizable and steady stream of funds can fix that. Gobble, gobble.

Clio’s couplet

As Twain supposedly said, history might not repeat itself — but it certainly rhymes. Anglophiles with a mind for dates may eke out a bitter smile when they note PM Boris Johnson’s order closing all English churches came on March 23 — the exact anniversary of Innocent III’s interdict closing all English churches in the year 1208. The misdeeds of Bad King John and the threat of coronavirus are two different sorts of enemies to civic order, of course, but … they do rhyme.

The beloved G.W.

Please don’t miss Peg Eastman’s article in our print edition about where George Washington really slept while visiting our state. For those thinking naughty thoughts, this is no bodice ripper; rather, this piece will explain how Washington’s arrival across Charleston harbor made the raising of the Hunley look nearly pale by comparison of fanfare involved. 

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