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MARCH 2023

Relief for Murdaugh trial junkies

Our many sources in the legal community have suggested a remedy for those who will soon not have the Murdaugh trial to follow.  How about this:  Consider how players in Operation Jackpot were able to avoid or delay or distract the long arm of the law in the infamous 14th Circuit that the Murdaughs dominated for decades. Meanwhile, our South Carolina Law Enforcement Division continues to investigate how various pieces of evidence may or may not be connected. Note what The State published last Carolina Day:  “Disgraced attorney Alex Murdaugh and his alleged accomplice Curtis Smith have been hit with new state grand jury indictments that include drug trafficking and running a longtime money laundering scheme involving $2.4 million in stolen money.”


The Revolution continues

As Faulkner said, “the past is never dead” — but 14 soldiers who died at the Battle of Camden in 1780 and whose skeletal remains were unearthed during an archeological study of the site last fall, well ... those men quite surely are. That does not mean that their moment of the past has past, though — at least not yet. Discovered mere inches from the grassy surface of the battlefield, the mortal remains of the fallen fighters are to be buried with full military honors in Camden on April 22. Those interested in attending this unique and memorable event, spearheaded by the South Carolina Battlefield Trust, should visit for more details.


How Putin throws out his trash

Marina Yankina, 58, a top financial official with Russia’s Ministry of Defense, was found very dead on the sidewalk after plunging 160 feet from her apartment building in St. Petersburg. Was this a case of defenestration or suicide? According to Newsweek, “Reports of Yankina’s death come just days after Major General Vladimir Makarov, who was recently fired by Russian President Vladimir Putin, was found dead outside of Moscow in a suspected suicide.”


‘South Park’ is the standard?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s decision to move across the pond in a desperate bid for privacy has been mercilessly mocked in “South Park’s” latest episode, titled “The Worldwide Privacy Tour.” In 100 years, “South Park” may be noted — albeit in limit circles — as the most important source of journalistic accuracy in the 21st century.


Elmore to ponder

Hey Joe and the rest of the Charleston Animal Society crew:  We know y’all never pass up an opportunity to help our four-legged friends, so how about this little brainstorm? Just like SEWE has “Dock Dogs,” y’all can have “Couch Cats.” Felines are given a sunny spot on a cheery chesterfield and attendees can bet on which one will be last to move. As anyone who has watched a housecat lounge the day away knows, that’s six-to-14 hours of fun right there ... all proceeds to the CAS. Think about it!

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