Spray without ceasing

There’s not much newsworthy going on in the sleepy, swampy hamlet of Cow Island, Louisiana. However, one minister’s pre-Christmas blessing is — somewhat literally — on our radar screens. That’s because Fr. Matthew Barzare of St. Anne’s parish unleashed showers of blessings last month, with the help of a crop dusting plane and 100 gallons of holy water. The aerial asperges included the town itself and outlying cropland; no word on how much fell on the just and how much on the unjust.

I fought the (Wadmal)law …

The Lowcountry’s own Treehouses of Horror are back in the news, as Bolt Tree Farm, LLC and Victoria Bolt filed suit against Charleston County last month, seeking to continue the short-term-rental of their four luxury “treehouse” villas near the Charleston Tea Farm on Wadmalaw. Citing “documents, information and complaints from citizens” that offered evidence of illicit rentals, the county revoked the permits back in November. Your Rambler doesn’t see much more than an attempt to obfuscate a straightforward matter and brazenly plow ahead with a scheme the law hasn’t allowed and the community doesn’t want. Honestly, perhaps it’s just time for some folks to — ahem — bolt.

‘Progress’ versus the poltergeist

            Flowertown friends have notified your Rambler that the famed Summerville Light is no more. The specter — the ethereal glowing lantern of a faithful widow’s ghost, pining for the return of her tragically-killed husband throughout eternity — appeared on rural Sheep Island Road after midnight, as a generation of adventure-seeking Summerville folks will attest. But access to Sheep Island Road is no more; it (along with plenty else) has been swallowed by the 5000-acre Nexton development. No word on if the faithful widow will keep her ghostly lamp burning in the middle of a tract-house cul-de-sac or 24-hour Walgreens or whatever else is eventually built on her haunting grounds, but your Rambler will keep you updated.

Killing the earth to save it

            Germany’s Green New Deal is causing some positive developments in the metrics of flower growth. To wit — it’s leaving a lot more folks pushing up daisies. According to a new study, 1100 volks are dying each year from air pollution following Germany’s knee-jerk elimination of nuclear power following Japan’s Fukushima incident. Even with intense investment in wind and solar, the greeny-weenies are unable to meet their energy needs with out burning (and messily extracting) vile, sooty coal. Your Rambler reminds readers, the important work of conservation isn’t just about what policies feel good — we’ve got to be weise as well.

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