Virtually running on empty

This year the Charleston Marathon is being run virtually, meaning wherever and whenever is convenient, and I’m very excited to finally be able to participate. The Rambler is running it in increments — every time I leave the office to get a cup of coffee or go to my car. I’m also walking. I should be done by June.

Local school daze

Charleston County School District has returned to in-person learning after the holidays, but Dorchester has yet to follow suit. As one of the fastest-growing districts in the area, DD2 classroom size is becoming overwhelmed, something developers ought to have to consider. COVID safety measures have once again revealed a breaking point: overcrowded classrooms prevent a return to classroom learning, but if we expect businesses to thrive, working parents need our children to be in school.

Heroes of education

As you may have learned in December, the Meeting Street Scholarship Fund, created by Ben and Kelly Navarro, is offering up to $10,000 per year for each academically and financially eligible student to attend a South Carolina college, starting with this year’s high school seniors. A recent editorial in The Post and Courier reminded locals that Will Endictor has left his alma mater The Citadel as the sole beneficiary of his entire estate — roughly $20 million. Our community is full of many generous and talented persons who help make a young person’s education one of excellence; we salute all those who give — from their checkbooks, hearts and minds or all three.

Amen to PC gone wild

Meanwhile in Washington, education lost big time when Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, a former Methodist preacher, delivered a closing prayer on Jan. 3, the opening day of the new session of the United States House of Representatives. Rep. Cleaver (D-Mo.) ended his message with “amen and awoman.” In a sprint to be gender correct, Congressperson Cleaver, who holds a master’s degree from St. Paul’s School of Theology in Kansas City, “genderized” the word amen, which means “so be it” — no matter what gender you might be. There is no word yet to Mercury HQ if The Episcopal Church will require a new prayer book based on the Cleaver Doctrine.

Are we being served?

And speaking of Washington, it’s a good thing the Democrats haven’t been able to pack SCOTUS yet because the District of Columbia is still limiting indoor gatherings to 10 people. If the Dems want to add to the Court, they’ll have to serve dinner — the D.C. indoor dining cap is 25 percent of capacity.

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