Don’t ignore reality of crime threat

Your Mercury confirmed that an innocent jogger became the victim of an assault this summer at a downtown location. To protect the identity of the victim, we will not reveal further details, but we regret that news outlets ignored the story; violent crime is a reality no matter where you live. We urge readers to exercise full advantage of the Second Amendment and what South Carolina offers responsible citizens as an option in concealed carry permits; think of it as improving your insurance policy.


Monkey business and science

CNN reports that the Journal of iScience has released a report showing chimps in zoos commonly exchange “hellos and good-byes” to share their intentions about social interactions. Those gestures included touching each other, holding hand and even butting heads. Dr. Anthony Fauci described the behavior as irresponsible, unless the individuals are fully vaccinated. Your Rambler heard a hot mike slip up after his presser, when he muttered, “What a bunch of monkeys.” 


Media priorities in jeopardy

Just days after the world witnessed the collapse of Afghanistan and the beginning of one of America’s greatest foreign policy tragedies, HuffPo and MSNBC chose as their lead online story the firing of Jeopardy host Mike Richards. We’ll take, “Hiding the news of the Afghan crisis for $100,000, Alex.” 


Electric slide robot style

Elon Musk recently reported the electric automaker will probably launch a “Tesla Bot” humanoid robot next year. The robot will reportedly be five foot eight inches tall and designed for dangerous, repetitive or boring work that people don’t like to do. Your Rambler plans to purchase one and have it exercise for us. 


Yet again:  ‘It’s hot’ headline

The Post & Courier reported that a new study shows that by the end of the century, multiple days will be too hot for outdoor workers to do their jobs, resulting in billions in lost income. The report caused hundreds of work stoppages throughout the Lowcountry, as tens of thousands of local construction workers and landscapers couldn’t stop laughing. 


Stand against curriculum changes

Some readers may have caught wind about proposed changes in the curriculum at The Citadel. James Rembert, who wrote and edited for this paper for more than ten years, was a part of establishing the curriculum and has written to us on p. 11 to explain why the proposed changes deserve the strongest SIR NO SIR that may be heard on campus.


A bird book in the hand

If you’ve enjoyed Cacky Rivers’s photography in the Merc, you’ll love her first book of photography, Grounded in Flight, in print this November in collaboration with the Mercury. For preordering and special event information, see https://cackyriversphotography.com/products/preorder-grounded-in-flight.

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