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Joe Engel, RIP

Joe Engel, Holocaust survivor and much beloved community leader, died on November 26. He was born on October 9, 1927, in Zakroczym, Poland to Moishe and Esther Engel. Joe dedicated his life to talking to students and other groups about the atrocities of the Nazis. He spoke to countless organizations relaying what he saw with his own eyes, making sure that the six million Jews, including 1.5 million innocent children, killed by the Nazis during WWII are never forgotten. Joe selflessly traveled throughout South Carolina to tell his story to tens of thousands of students in the hopes of educating a new generation of leaders to prevent a future Holocaust. He was a dear friend to many of those who lunched with him at the Marina Variety Store. Those who did not have the pleasure of talking with him in person may view Ron Small’s very fine documentary called To Auschwitz and Back: The Joe Engel Story. May Joe’s memory be a blessing to others.


A game for the ages

No matter if your team won or lost, the greatest rivalry in the state gave us a game for the record books, providing moments that will be discussed throughout the social season in every duck blind, church pew and oyster roast. Tigers will briefly slink away on their tiptoes … until they come back roaring.


I’ve got your bank, babe

Pop icon Cher has been seen lately with her new boyfriend, Alexander “A.E” Edwards, who is 40 years her junior. In defending the romance, Cher tweeted that “A.E. says love doesn’t know math.” Nonetheless, your Rambler believes A.E. is probably very good at math, and he’s currently adding up the dollars in her bank accounts. 


Word salad food fight

When Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was recently asked about President Biden’s student loan forgiveness debacle, she replied, “As you know, uh, we uh, as you know, there uh, we have um, uh, we have um, we have sent this up to the highest, uh, court of the land, the highest court of our nation, to make sure that, uh, we move forward quickly.” V.P. Harris is allegedly upset that her status as D.C. Queen of the Word Salad is now in jeopardy. 


Elon:  Also rich in wisdom?

Elon Musk’s hilarious tweets have been causing shrieking meltdowns among the woke, and roars of laughter among the sane. One of his recent tweets? “Now that I’ve bought Twitter, I’m deleting it. Facebook is next. Go outside and enjoy your life.” Wise words. 


Not exactly a wit reports that Buster Murdaugh was confronted by a reporter for the UK Daily Mail who said, “I presume you’re supporting your dad?” Buster responded, “You have no right to presume anything.” Your Rambler reserves the right to presume Buster’s dad is going to spend a long time in jail. 

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