MAY 2021

Proud moment for South Carolina

        Palmetto pride is alive and well as Sen. Tim Scott continues to receive accolades from commentators and fellow Republicans for his response to President Biden’s address to a joint session of Congress regarding planned spending of several more trillion taxpayer dollars. As usual, Sen. Scott took the high road and focused on a different America — one not beholden to wokeness but to forgiveness and optimism. He infused his remarks with scripture and looked very much like a candidate for president in 2024.

A high degree of intelligence

      The South Carolina General Assembly has passed to legislation that would update college requirements for students to study the Constitution and other founding documents, including the Emancipation Proclamation and documents about the struggle for freedom of African Americans. A more thorough study of history is an essential part of public education; the Rambler looks forward to seeing this bill ratified and signed into law. 

Oversight, not out of mind

      Gov. McMaster has nominated Peter McCoy, former S.C. U.S. attorney and state house rep, to chair the Santee Cooper board, and the Senate has passed a reform plan that would allow legislators oversight on the utility’s management decisions, like setting rates and taking on debt. See this month’s print edition for a comment by Sen. Chip Campsen, who has a history of wise opinions (and votes) on Santee Cooper.

Hope for the republic

      It appears the American public is tiring of award shows where people who play dress-up-and-pretend for a living gather together and congratulate themselves on how impressive it is to play pretend. Oscar viewership dropped below 10 million, which based on the number of awards means it was watched only by the parents of the nominees.

Hook me up

      Not long ago, every Charlestonian celebrated when a friend took on a bartending position, knowing they’d have a hook-up for the occasional free drink. Today, bartenders are out of favor, replaced by the far more important parking profession — one that can comp you the equivalent of a house vodka martini every hour of every day. So … if any Merc readers are friends with a meter maid, please hook us up.

Scientific research

      The parking problem is clearly a result of the number of visitors pouring back into Charleston, according to our numbers, which are based on the most reliable of indicators. What’s our source? Sales at the fudge shops in the Market are booming — and given that no one has ever purchased fudge within 100 miles of where they live, the data is infallible.

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