MARCH 2022

Steal away to see this

The Rambler is pleased to see a movie is finally being made about one of South Carolina’s most courageous men, Robert Smalls, an enslaved African who formed a ship’s crew of other enslaved men and, just before dawn on the morning of May 13, 1862, stole the merchant ship Planter. On the way out of the harbor, he picked up family members and sailed to freedom. The story of his successes in later life is the stuff of legends — but you’ll need to see to film Steal Away to learn more. 


Freedom of speech isn’t free

In the event you’ve been in a sensory deprivation chamber and missed it, Elon Musk purchased Twitter — and left-wing media has been in an absolute meltdown, claiming Musk’s pledge to make Twitter a free speech platform is a threat to free speech. Jeff Bezos, who bought The Washington Post in 2013 for $100 million dollars, was unavailable for comment.  


High profile

Katie Arrington recently insinuated Nancy Mace may be smoking marijuana recreationally and may have been “high” while serving in Congress. Although your Rambler team does not partake in the use of illegal drugs, we believe having to serve in Congress might be a pretty good reason to start.   


Chalk it up to science

Physical Review Physics Education Research, launched in 1893, has revealed something we all already knew:  The study of physics is racist. Even the method of learning physics on a whiteboard is racist. Sales of blackboards to Ivy League schools are apparently skyrocketing. In unrelated news, Florida lawmakers decided to ban 54 math books because they “incorporate prohibited topics” including, evidently, the advanced legal concept of critical race theory. Elon, save us from the insanity!


Pay for the privilege

CNN has shut down CNN+, an online subscription-based news source on which it spent $300 million. Citing CNN’s horrific ratings in the past year, Joe Rogan perhaps said it best:  “Imagine the hubris of thinking that something people don’t want for free, you’re gonna charge money for it.”


Stand fast

Despite Vladimir Putin’s continued escalation of his horrific attacks on Ukrainian civilians, much of America’s media is moving on from the story. We hope Mercury readers will continue to support to people of Ukraine, both prayerfully and monetarily. This month we offer perspectives on Ukraine in our feature story and on p. 9 in a quotation from Ambassador Nikki Haley and an interview with Alex Shoumatoff.


Over the hill

As part of our ongoing series “Do you feel old yet?” your Rambler is horrified to announce The Windjammer on Isle of Palms just turned 50. Congratulations to their owners and management. 

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