MARCH 2020

Moving on up

Practical, innovative, historic and charming have met to form a better approach to flooding. If you’ve taken a walk down charming Water Street recently, you may have noticed some Charleston folks are “moving up in the world.” Robert S. “Buz” Morris III of Morris Construction has successfully elevated 1 Water St., built circa 1853; this makes it the first historic masonry home on the peninsula to get the lift. This is a wise option — considering our streak of storms and even sunny-day flooding — and a handsome one, too.

Keeping it real for Lent

Being a gent-about-town, your Rambler frequently receives communications about a wide range of topics both commercial and quite esoteric. One such recent dispatch was from a fast food chain trumpeting meat-free options debuting with the start of the Lenten season. Your Rambler would be remiss to leave out the one that one caught my eye — just in time for the season, meatless chicken wings will now be available “Hooters.” While I just can’t imagine patrons would put up with anything fake from the fine folks at “Hooters,” we wish them every success in helping the observant keep this season of religious penitence. (Your Rambler’s sticking with the Variety Store for fish on Friday, for the record.)

Southern culture on the skids

Although the Lowcountry’s own Summerville Speedway faded into memory more than a decade-and-a-half ago, folks on the Carolina coast can still find the thrills of short-track stock car racing at Myrtle Beach … for now. Disturbing news that such Southern-fried fun might be on its last lap:  A possible change in zoning might pave the way to plowing under the historic venue and turning Victory Lane into just another cluster of mixed-use development. At least loyal Merc readers will always have Prioleau’s fall 2019 speedway trip to remember.

Our apologies to Sam Cooke

If you don’t know much about local Hebrew history, don’t miss the eighth in the series by Jeffery Kaplan. If you missed the earlier articles, you may find them online via www.charlestonmercury.com; don’t miss the proud story of Charleston’s Jews and their many firsts.

Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs

Congratulations to Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hi.), who, while not winning the Palmetto State primary, successfully showcased a skill in logistics that befits her Army background. Thanks to her planning prowess, every “Tulsi For President” sign that’s ever been printed was successfully deployed to the Lowcountry in the past few weeks. We wish them — and all their fellow signs — well on their speedy retreat. (For a little real insight on the S.C. primary, see the ever-excellent Scott Buchanan.)

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