Save the date

November 16 is the last day to preorder Cacky Rivers’ avian photography collection, Grounded in Flight, at a special price — and it gets you on the guest list for a holiday party and benefit for Quail Forever on November 22, where Cacky will be personally signing books.  See p. 4 for our ad with time, location and other details about how to order.


Feelin’ blue

The Blue Dogs, one of Charleston’s favorite bands for almost 35 years, have cut an entire album of new original music — the first since 2004 — that will be out in the spring. For fans ready to hear new music now, they are putting out an EP of holiday tunes that will be out by Thanksgiving. If you don't know the Blue Dogs, check them out at bluedogs.com!

Thanks for the memories

An era ended a few days ago when Bill Sharpe stepped away from the Channel 5 anchor desk. For most Charlestonians under 55, Bill and his long-time co-anchor, Debi Chard, were on the air the first time they ever watched the news. Lovable and kind, they reported in a way that inspired trust and hope when times were hard. Debi and Bill, thank you for your inspiring service.

Murdaugh-gone fine reporting

We would be remiss if we failed to tip our cap to Will Folks and his team at FitsNews.com for their ongoing coverage of the Murdaugh mysteries in Hampton. For weeks they’ve provided the most in-depth investigative reporting in the nation — if they were reporting for a large newspaper, they would be nominated for a Pulitzer. We hope they are. 

Captain Obvious, Esq.

Attorneys in three civil lawsuits against Alex Murdaugh say “they fear” Murdaugh is trying to hide millions of dollars. “They fear” is apparently legalese for the phrase “everyone in South Carolina knows for a fact.”

A fair point

Organizers with the Coastal Carolina Fair are warning people about purchasing fraudulent tickets for this year’s event, stating “unscrupulous people are scamming innocent victims.” They declined comment when the Rambler asked if the fair’s game operators came to town early.

Ready, aim … fired

Tragically, a member of the crew on the movie “Rust” was recently shot and killed by Alec Baldwin, who was handed a real gun and trusted the person who told him it “wasn’t loaded.” Knowing he would use guns in various movie roles throughout his career, Mr. Baldwin failed to ever take a gun safety class but instead invested his time speaking about the evils of firearms. He violated rule one in every safety course.​ As one would expect, this has resulted in tasteless jokes across the Internet — very few of which include a trigger warning.

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