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Understanding Chinese propaganda served on ice

China’s 2022 Winter Olympic Games are upon us. These are supposed to be events without heavy politics where the world comes together to let us enjoy competition among the best athletes from all corners of the earth.

Most adults in the civilized world know that fascists and communists don’t play well with other nations, resulting in the Olympic games ideal being hurled several times into the grime of political manipulation. As the dogs of war growl near and in Ukraine and China rattles its sabre about Taiwan, we don’t need a reminder of what kind of pure political propaganda can come from an authoritative state.

Playing the heavy hand as always, China does this even better than the Russians because they have more money, have clearly infiltrated our corporations and, some might suggest, have “rented” a few of our political leaders (see Hunter Biden’s emails and “taking care of the ‘Big Man’”). The same can be said of many of our most famous athletes, celebrities and movie production studios — all of which have a deep impact on our youth and their cultural opinions.

One wades carefully into comparisons of Olympic politics, but the 1936 Berlin Summer Olympic Games could well fall within what may come from China. Hitler had not yet begun his reign of insanity, and he used the event to show Germany could be a gracious and honorable host. He used the ruse to launch his long-term plans, as weak-kneed men like Neville Chamberlain began assuring their citizens that Hitler just wanted the best for his country.

The horror-filled Third Reich is not an “also ran” event in world history; it remains the pinnacle of evil for most of us when we look at the history of man’s inhumanity to man, especially the Holocaust. The “final solution” was unthinkable to many at the time, and remains so today. And sadly, the Holocaust wasn’t that long ago — human beings who endured that horror walk among us today.

To those of in the West, genocide seems like something long gone to the annals of history. With the evil of men like Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot dispatched to hell, we tell ourselves other nations have progressed as we have. Domestically, our greatest unrest has to do with “unfair” treatment of some individuals … surely that must be the biggest issue facing these authoritarian regimes, no? Citizens upset by unfairness?

We are fooling ourselves. In just this generation, we had the genocide in Rwanda where as many as one million people, mostly Tutsis, were slaughtered in 100 days; a few years later, we witnessed the horrors in Kosovo. Moreover, as we prepare to descend on China for the Olympics — where they will convince billions they, too, are a gracious and honorable host — they have a well-known operation of huge concentration camps where more than a million men, women and children have been incarcerated, tortured, beaten and relentlessly brainwashed to expunge the Islamic faith and Muslim culture.

The UN, of course, does nothing — despite the fact they adopted the doctrine of “the responsibility to protect” and said it “embodies a political commitment to end the worst forms of violence and persecution.” Their R2P doctrine states: “We are prepared to take collective action, in a timely and decisive manner ... including authorizing the use of force ... should peaceful means be inadequate and national authorities manifestly fail to protect their populations from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity.”

China will indeed use these Olympics to put on a mask in front of an evil face. They will shoot stray dogs, imprison the most vulnerable street people and force citizens into sweeping every nook and cranny. They will give the appearance of a king, who unbeknownst his citizenry, murders every potential rival and critic.

Because the United States made the poor decision to cooperate with China being chosen for the Olympics, the fault falls with us — as we elected the men and women with the power to pressure a different decision. Our failures should not be heaped onto the shoulders of the athletes who’ve been training for decades to compete, and we should not boycott. The athletes should be allowed to participate, but we should withhold any official American presence whatsoever. Not so much as an elected councilman from Donkey Neck, Montana, should attend.

As has been the case since World War II, every free nation in the world cowers, expecting the U.S. to right the wrongs of China — and if there should be shots fired in anger because of Taiwan, they will expect us to do the bleeding and dying. This global cowardice could be worsened by the Chinese Olympics, as the national remoras that swim alongside us will buy the ruse and insist that, like Hitler, “the Chinese just want what’s best for their nation.”

Don’t buy it. China rules its people through terror, and they understand only strength and fear. We must make our politicians understand we the people will not fall for their lies, and insist they reject them as well.


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