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Out and About April 2022: Lord Spencer at Hobcaw Barony

“The Last Barony,” a black-tie dinner with remarks by Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer, took place March 31. Lord Spencer is a direct descendant of John, Lord Carteret who established Hobcaw Barony in 1718. While perhaps the earl is best known as the brother of Diana, Princess of Wales, he is also a journalist, broadcaster and author. His 2018 work, To Catch a King: Charles II’s Great Escape, tells of the manhunt for Prince of Wales — later Charles II — following his father’s beheading during the English Civil War. This is the same Prince of Wales who was afforded asylum by Sir George Carteret, Lord Spencer’s ninth great-grandfather and grandfather of the founder of Hobcaw Barony.

With as many as 12 trustees at a time, the Belle W. Baruch Foundation owns and manages Hobcaw Barony, a private nonprofit foundation created through the vision of Belle Wilcox Baruch. Established as a trust at her death in 1964, the foundation’s primary mission is to conserve Hobcaw Barony’s unique natural and cultural resources for research and education. Hobcaw Barony’s 16,000 acres encompass a rich diversity of every common ecosystem found on the South Carolina coast, making this an unparalleled site for research in the environmental sciences.

Images by Greg Kitchens.

Hassa Green, Charles Spencer and Jessica Stokes.

Amy and Joseph McCulloch.

Nelson Chandler, Walter Edgar and Stephen Truluck.

Allston and Greg Kitchens and Courtenay Fain.

Collier and Julie Schetting, Wes Sandish and Jessica Stokes.

Charles Spencer, Susu Ravenel and Robert Kirby.

Charles Spencer, Susu Ravenel and Robert Kirby.

Jett and Mary Holland and Karen Chewning.

Tracie Byrd, Courtenay Fain, Vic Brandt and Butler Derrick.

Frank and Helen Ellerbe.

Tommy and Ann Bouchette.

Clay and Pat Johnson and Daphne and Raad Joseph.


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