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Election thoughts and primary endorsements

A chap on our team said that high inflation, looming overseas threats and high gas prices gave him that late 1970s feeling, but without the better music. (If you doubt your salmon sheets, just search YouTube for “The Closer I Get to You” and “Use Ta Be My Girl” from 1978 and tell us what tunes sound better these days.) Just like in the late 70s, some political players are seeking to help steer the ship of state on a better course; we urge you to participate in helping elect such persons; however, some candidates and races inspire us to say absolutely nothing.

U.S. House

We cast a steely eye at the First District’s Republican primary, knowing both remaining candidates have their passionate supporters. If Republican voters wish to retain the seat, they’ll have to field the strongest candidate possible against Annie Andrews, who runs unopposed in the Democratic primary. Both potential GOP candidates have run for this seat in the General Election before, but only one was able to successfully parry and thrust against a serious Democrat contender — Nancy Mace. We offer her our full editorial endorsement.

Though recent redistricting has shifted the lines of the First and Sixth Districts to consolidate more of the coast into the First, we still enjoy a strong readership amongst some citizens of the Sixth, and would like to call attention to the Republican primary there. While the quest to unseat Jim Clyburn is a moonshot, the two folks running to do so are noteworthily serious contenders, most especially Duke Buckner of Walterboro, to whom we give our strong editorial endorsement. Mr. Buckner is a former schoolteacher and independent newspaperman turned lawyer and city councilman. We would relish seeing him give the House Whip a little indigestion in the general election.


Although we have, pun lovers that we are, chuckled at the “Mussel” wordplay Harrison “Trucker Bob” Musselwhite offers, our actual vote for South Carolina’s top executive goes to incumbent Henry McMaster on the Republican ballot.

Secretary of State

We are now several terms removed from Mark Hammond’s failure to properly handle documents (and his reaction when called out on the matter), and while we still long to see fresh blood in this position, the fact that he has kept out of the headlines since then is a good sign. We offer him our endorsement in the Republican primary.

Superintendent of Education

The race for superintendent of education is wide open this year, and while multiple candidates bring strong resumes to the table, we endorse Ellen Weaver in the Republican primary. Longtime aide to former Sen. Jim DeMint, with a strong background in education policy, Weaver is a savvy communicator with a compelling focus on success for all young Sandlappers, including those in alternative schools and those with special needs.

Agriculture Commissioner

In a surprisingly crowded race for ag commissioner this year, we see little reason to lift the plow and change heading. We happily endorse incumbent Hugh Weathers.

Charleston County Council

It is a great honor to endorse Larry Kobrovsky for Charleston County Council. He is running against Chris Gramiccioni who just moved to the Lowcountry in the last year after resigning as Monmouth County, New Jersey, prosecutor on June 1, 2021. He arrived with his wife, a former N.J. Superior Court judge, and three children; he still maintains a law office in N.J. On the other hand, Mr. Kobrovsky has practiced law in Charleston for more than 40 years; he has lived and raised two daughters in East Cooper, on the Isle of Palms and on Sullivan’s Island. He and his wife, Susan, now have five grandchildren. Mr. Kobrovsky has served on the Charleston County School Board for East Cooper and as the chairman of the Charleston County GOP. In the meantime, we wish Mr. Gramiccioni well in learning the nuances of Lowcountry living and public policy issues, but we think Mr. Kobrovsky, laser-focused on quality-of-life issues, is the better choice to continue good governance from the seat held for many years by the capable and friendly Dickie Schweers.

Charleston County ROD

For those voting in the Democratic primary, we give Karen Hollings our full endorsement for Register of Deeds. With the office attracting some attention in the past year due to delays, slowdowns and shutdowns, we are confident this wise Lowcountry lass has all the skills this position calls for. (Though we still think it should be called the “RMC,” of course.)

Other races and more

Several other races have no primaries, but that does not mean you should forget about them until fall. For example, Tom Hartnett, Irv Condon and Pam McKinney are three solid citizens who need your campaigning support and financial contributions; we want them to get their messages out long before November comes calling. As always and no matter what choices you make, do remember to vote; you may do so early in person or absentee or on the day of the election. A handful of votes has often been all the difference in tight races, so be part of the process.


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