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Demonstrate American resolve as Putin creates instability

Photo by Kyle Mills on Unsplash.

Americans and American businesses are quick to adapt to difficult circumstances, and these challenges will shift as Putin continues to invade Ukraine and unleash asymmetrical war across the globe. He wants a divided America, and we need to find common ground at home to mend fences. Joe Biden is our president, and we encourage him to ignore the threats from the progressives and let this global instability and Russian aggression be the catalysts for his transformation to the moderate he once promised to be. Beyond aggressive sanctions on Russia and its leaders, the president has a wide range of other steps to take, including boycotting Russian oil.

Mr. President, it is time to bolster the defense of Taiwan; the Chinese are looking for signs of weakness, so send more ships near Taiwan and send messages through back channels about the damage the Chinese could expect from an invasion of Taiwan. On the topic of defense, it is time to reset defense spending to a vastly higher level. Meanwhile, put the Defense Production Act and the full force of the Department of Commerce behind bolstering U.S.-based production of semiconductor chips.

As many others have said, we must open up our oil and gas business and instruct the Saudis that they will pay a very high price if they fail to increase production on a massive scale. Yes, that also means reversing course on the Keystone XL Pipeline and other hurdles to improving our energy supply. If we boycott Russian oil, we absolutely must open up the global supply of crude. We must return to being energy independent and capable of supplying Europe with what they need. Moreover, we must lower the price of oil so that we can deprive Putin of the revenue that funds his war goals.

Speaking of Europe, use this moment of unprecedented NATO unity to request that our partners increase their financial commitments to the alliance. Germany has already stepped up in a surprising way. The horrors of war will continue to demonstrate how life in Europe has changed, and this reality is pushing our allies to reconsider their priorities. The notion of Russia invading NATO-member Eastern European countries is not academic but something that has come from Putin’s own mouth.

Returning homeward, we need to remember that asymmetrical war means someone like Putin wants to distract us with internal disputes and we can expect his spies and proxies to fund civil unrest. Our National Guard and South Carolina State Guard need to expand their numbers and capabilities. All our police departments need reserve programs. Our schools must have more uniformed police and military recruiters come to visit and encourage young patriots to serve. If we as a nation fail to stand up and show strength, we will look back in horror at these missed bipartisan opportunities.


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