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Below the surface of the Rittenhouse trial

By Prioleau Alexander

On August 23, 2020, Jacob S. Blake was fighting with police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, when an officer saw he had a knife in his left hand. Mr. Blake ignored the command to drop the knife and continued to fight, at which point he was shot seven times. He survived, and admitted he had the knife in his hand.

The BLM and Antifa mob proceeded to burn Kenosha, because of course they did. The elected officials ordered they not be stopped, and the police—proclaiming themselves to be “following orders”—did nothing.

About 20 miles away in Antioch, Illinois, there was a 17-year-old young man named Kyle Rittenhouse, who in his youthful naivete thought America was still a nation of laws, the Kenosha police still served and protected their communities and helping in times of trouble was a good thing. He’d been a member of his local police cadet program, a vocal supporter of Blue Lives Matter and worked as a lifeguard.

After the first night of riots, arson and looting, Kyle received a call from a friend asking him to go to Kenosha to help protect an auto dealership that had suffered about $1.5 million in damage the night before. Concerned that the community where his father lived was being sacked, Kyle agreed—and ended up in Kenosha with an AR-15 and a first aid kit. He loaned his body armor to a friend, stating he was there to render first aid.

The rest is history.

But it’s not. The real historical facts are largely unknown to most of the public, because people in the liberal media and the Democrat party and the president of the United States are evil.

Not ignorant. Snowflakes staggering around carrying signs—while never having researched the details of the case—are ignorant. Knowing the details and lying to destroy the life of an innocent man is evil.


And these evil people painted a crystal-clear portrait of a “white supremacist” “vigilante” “murderer” who “crossed state lines” to Kenosha “to kill unarmed people.” And they championed the cause of the “innocent victims” he killed, acting as though they were mere choirboys, gunned down in the prime of their youth.

Here are some things that aren’t known to most.

The first of the “innocent victims” to be dispatched was Joseph Rosenbaum, a white man convicted for raping five children ages 9 to 11, who spent over a decade in prison. While in prison he committed over 40 violations, including assaults on the staff. He’d been released from a mental hospital earlier that day and arrived at the riots carrying a chain, where he told Kyle and a companion, “You know, if I catch any of you guys alone tonight, I’m going to f----g kill you.”

At one point Kyle began to fear for his life, and ran away — with Rosenbaum giving chase. Later in the foot race, Kyle slipped and fell, and Rosenbaum attempted to grab the barrel of Kyle’s rifle and yank it away. With his life now in clear and present danger, Kyle shot his assailant dead. And as Tucker Carlson stated, “So Joseph Rosenbaum died as he had lived, trying to touch an unwilling minor.”

Surely the media knew this. The late-night comedians knew it. Democrats in Congress knew this. And the president of the U.S. knew it. It is their freaking JOB to know it — and if they didn’t, that means they were willing to destroy a man’s life without know even the basic facts. So … if they knew? Evil. If they didn’t know? Evil.

After dispatching Rosenbaum, Kyle once again ran away — now with a full-blown mob in pursuit. Again, in his panicked state, he fell and landed on his rump. And unidentified man referred to attorneys as “Drop Kick Man” leapt up into the air and delivered a vicious kick to Kyle’s face, knocking him onto his back. That’s the moment when Anthony Huber lunged into the fray and swung his skateboard, striking Kyle in the neck. CNN said Huber was “armed with only a skateboard,” failing to note he attempted to murder a man lying on his back.

Sadly, Huber also made the fatal mistake of grabbing the business end of an AR-15 and moments later went on to his great reward.

Who was this innocent victim the media mourned with such crocodile tears? A convicted domestic abuser, to start. According to court records, Huber once told his brother he was going to “gut him like a pig” if he didn’t clean his room … while he was holding a six-inch knife to his brother’s stomach. Then, while watching his grandmother and brother clean, grabbed his brother’s neck and said, “I’m going to burn this house down with all of you f----rs in it.”

Again, did the mob of media and political hacks know of his past? If not, they are evil. If so, they are evil.

The final shot fired in self-defense failed to kill the assailant Gaige Grosskreutz, but let’s just say he won’t be opening his own pickle jars anytime soon.

Grosskreutz decided that, for the offense of defending himself, Kyle needed to die. While Kyle was still on the ground, Grosskreutz approached with an illegal handgun — bringing it down from right to left. Incredibly, Kyle held his fire until the pistol was pointed directly at his face, and only then shot. Grosskreutz admitted this in court.

Surely at least one of the innocent victims was “innocent,” right?

Nah. Gaige Grosskreutz had a record, too — once arrested for punching his grandmother in the face and another for smashing in the window of an ex-girlfriend at four a.m. In his statement to the police, he whined the gun wasn’t even loaded — but that was a lie, of course. The police testified to that in court.

Unbelievably, the prosecution stated in their closing argument that “sometimes you just have to take a beating” and that Kyle was “too cowardly to use his fists.”

The leftist mob, which now intimidates jurors, companies, individuals and politicians with threats of arson, looting, violence — well, they finally lost. The jury bravely put aside concerns for their personal safety, the safety of their families and the coming riots in their community, and did the right thing. They had the option to convict him of a “lesser charge,” and perhaps spare themselves and their community from the dangers ahead.

But they didn’t. They followed the law and didn’t let the lies spread by evil people paint the facts.

They are heroes.


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