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Closing Notes: 83 Church a romantic getaway

If it’s February, then Valentines Day must be upon us; if you’re looking to go all out with a romantic present of property, then we know just the place.

The location is perfect — Church Street, just above Tradd. A quick minute walk around the block in any direction offers a dozen postcard-perfect scenes of Charleston life. The Heyward Washington house is directly adjacent; Cabbage Row, Robert Mills’ beautiful First Baptist Church, Rainbow Row and more are all close at hand. Even the white spire of St. Michael’s is on offer, prominent in the viewer’s eye when standing on the rooftop balcony. A quiet and charming streetscape all year round, the coming of warm weather will bring the crepe myrtles to blossom, blanketing the area in a dazzling explosion of pinks whites and purples.

The size is perfect, too — a proper pied-a-terre that’s ready for year-round living. At just under 2,000 square feet, it includes two bedrooms, two baths and ample space for dinner guests, cocktails with friends and much more. This is not some wee, dingy garret, billed as a romantic downtown hideaway to hide frustrating flaws; this this a home both historic and modern. The marble-countertopped kitchen is thoughtfully laid out and filled with contemporary conveniences. Although originally built in 1750, the home is bright and light-filled, from the spacious first-floor living room to the ample master bedroom with Church Street views and a grand fireplace. Marble tile and his-and-hers vanities are to be found in the master bath. The second bedroom is on the top floor, with direct access to a full bath and the beautiful, durable ipe wood roof deck.

83 Church Street offers a slice of Holy City living that can still feel like a Charleston Renaissance-era painting. You can feel the colonial scale of the city, built for the human and the horse rather than the automobile. Its intensely walkable; you’re five minutes from dozens of restaurants, plenty of entertainment options, parks, playgrounds and so much more. And when you’ve got a place like 83 Church, Unit A, currently on offer through Helen Geer of William Means Real Estate, your place feels like one of the best in the neighborhood — a gracious Lowcountry lifestyle in a historic setting and all perfectly sized.

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