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How the left is politicizing Mollie Tibbetts’ tragic end

On August 21, the Brooklyn, Iowa Police Department announced that Mollie Tibbetts, a young and promising college student, was found dead and likely murdered by an illegal alien who had already confessed to kidnapping her. Their suspect was in custody; it was a horrible end to a week’s long search that seemed to hold a modicum of hope until that day.

Cristhian Rivera confessed to kidnapping Mollie Tibbetts as she was jogging. The police believe he killed her shortly thereafter.

Here’s where it gets weird: Cristhian Rivera is an illegal alien from Mexico.

That, in and of itself, is not weird; nor it is weird that an illegal alien from our southern border committed a series of violent crimes on an innocent American. Actually, it happens way too frequently.

It got weird — or should I say disgusting — almost immediately.

The progressive left, fearing a swing back to immigration as a voting topic on Americans’ minds just weeks before a big mid-term election, went into gutter politics mode. Full steam ahead.

They were in freak-out mode and frankly they should be. With just 70 or so days to the midterm elections with a “blue wave” predicted, the LAST thing Democrats need is a high-profile murder of a beautiful innocent college student by an illegal alien. And worse ... in Iowa. Everyone knows the political barometer that Iowa is on all levels of American politics. Very often it is “how goes Iowa, so goes Washington.”

So the left had to get their story straight. They spun Mollie’s murder with the precision of a Swiss timepiece.

We can anticipate their planning discussions. “How dare the BPD use that term ‘illegal alien’? How could they be so racist?”

Enter Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Hours after the announcement of Mollie’s demise, fake self-described Native American Sen. Warren went on TV, where sound bites live forever — or at least until Nov. 3, 2020. The presidential hopeful suggested that what is more tragic than Mollie Tibbetts’ murder is the temporary separations of illegal families at our border retention facilities.

Really, Senator? Comparing the catastrophic loss of a child to a temporary separation and re-unification of a parent and child as they attempted to break our laws?

Better poll test that one before you use it in 2020, Madam Senator. Trump will eat your 2020 lunch.

Other usual suspects had their moments of P.C. glory. Symone Sanders blamed “male toxicity” (wherever on God’s Green Earth that is) for Mollie’s murder. Apparently it wasn’t really Rivera’s fault. After all, he was angry because he was rejected. Hey #MeToo movement, you OK with this treatment of women? Howard Dean jumped on the “male toxicity” bandwagon with this tweet: “There are conflicting reports about whether the perp was undocumented or not in any case. This is a story about toxic masculinity not immigration.”

The left needed to change the story from “illegal alien kidnaps and murders young white coed” to “Republicans are turning the murder of Mollie Tibbets into an immigration story. How racist of them.”

The problem is, liberals, IT IS AN IMMIGRATION STORY. Further, it’s an immigration horror story. An admitted kidnapper and suspected murderer is an illegal alien! Not an undocumented immigrant, not a political refugee; he is an illegal alien, FULL STOP.

Now, before you progressive leftists lose your minds, understand that Rivera is an illegal alien — not just to me, President Trump and any true conservative; he’s an illegal alien to the U.S. government. That’s the preferred term the U.S. government agencies use for people like Rivera and the millions of others who are here illegally.

The Democrats are in trouble, though — Americans are smarter than they think.

In the days following these events, I made Mollie Tibbetts’ murder the main story on my show (“America”) each night. On occasion, the Mollie Tibbets story took up the whole show. I’m trying to do my part to show the world how the progressive left uses tragedy to spin damaging stories into race, gender or other identity politics dog whistles to avoid scrutiny of their failed policies.

The memory of Mollie Tibbets is just one of thousands of senseless acts of violence perpetrated by illegal aliens on innocent Americans. Mollie Tibbetts should not be used like a disposable hand towel to divert attention away from a damaging story. Hear that, Sen. Warren? And Howard Dean, and the rest of you on the soulless left?

Former chief of staff to President Obama and current mayor of my bloody hometown Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, infamously stated “never let a tragedy go to waste.”

To Rahm, Warren, Howard and the rest of you dismal liberals, may God never deliver you such a “political” opportunity.

Besides being a close friend of President Donald Trump, Eric Bolling is an experienced cable news host with thousands of hours logged at the anchor desk of “The Five,” “The O’Reilly Factor” and “Hannity” at Fox News Channel. Bolling has written two books, “Wake Up America” and “The Swamp,” both immediately shot to the top of the New York Times Best seller list. Eric now hosts “AMERICA” on the conservative digital television platform

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