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Roots:  Local leaders at Indigo Hall working to weave new community into fabric of James Island

Carri Tindal

Just as the roots of its namesake flower once sprouted throughout the soil on James Island, Indigo Hall is growing roots of its own throughout the community.

Those roots begin with the new assisted living community’s leaders, executive director Sean Davis, a 20 James Island resident and sales director Carri Tindal, a Charleston-area native who loved her hometown so much she never left.

As Indigo Hall begins to transform from a construction site to a senior living community, the duo is going door-to-door to educate the town on what the sprawling new construction is, while also aiming to build connections with local organizations.

“We want Indigo Hall to really be woven into the fabric of the community,” Davis said. “It’s not just a standalone project — we want to serve the community and be a part of the community.”

For both Davis and Tindal, working on this project very literally hits home.

Davis first came to Charleston to attend The Citadel, and ultimately returned to build a life on James Island in ’99.

Today he is the father of a 13-year-old daughter and loves to spend time with her out on the water, a big part of what drew him to the area in the first place.

“I think what I love about this place is the same thing that’s true for most everyone that’s migrating here — the landscape is just absolutely gorgeous,” Davis said. “If you’re into anything water related, this place is a completely awesome playground. The quality of life here has just been extraordinarily strong.”

Davis said he felt comfortable entering the senior living industry, in part because he had spent seven years regularly visiting the strong-willed matriarch in his family while she lived in a skilled nursing facility.

“Getting to know the families, the residents — it has been very gratifying and meaningful,” Davis said of his 10-year career as a licensed administrator. “To be able to create an environment that offers multiple levels of care to serve these individuals and have their families be so appreciative, it’s profoundly complimentary.”

Tindal echoed a similar respect for the long-term care industry and she said she always knew it was the career she wanted to pursue.

“I was fortunate to have my grandparents down the street as I grew up,” Tindal said. “As they got older, I was spending a lot of time helping my family take care of them.”

Tindal has fond memories of time with her grandparents. Whether it was the feeling of water splashing on her toes while crabbing with her grandfather or the sun warming her skin while playing on the beach with her grandmother, Tindal said these memories all share one thing — a bright, warm feeling.

“A lot of times, the image of long-term care for a senior is dark and gloomy,” Tindal said. “My goal is to change that misconception. This is where you can go and enjoy this time with friends.”

Tindal said it was great to have her grandmother at home when she needed care, but she also saw her become isolated. That, she said, inspired her to help seniors find communities where they can thrive and enjoy their later years.

Her parents, she said, were very involved in the community, a legacy she hopes to carry on through her work with Indigo Hall.

“This is an ‘age in place community,’ and the addition of Indigo Hall gives people, like my grandmother, the ability to live in an independent style with the healthcare needs addressed as well — all without crossing a bridge or leaving the island,” Tindal said.

Offering assisted living and memory care options on James Island is important, Tindal said, because it allows people to get the care they need and stay connected to their roots.

“People have built their lives around the area and now they have the opportunity to have a nice place to go see their loved ones right here in their neighborhood,” Tindal said.

For more information about Indigo Hall, visit, or visit the welcome center at 84 Folly Rd., Charleston. (843) 406-4747.

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