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What matters most in this election

By Bill Connor

As the 2022 mid-terms approach, Americans are watching Republicans surge in the polls after a short downward turn. Polls also make clear that the top issues to voters are the areas the Democrats have failed, starting with inflation, but followed by crime and border security (Note: abortion, race, gun control, and climate change fall near the bottom.) As voters are gearing up for the ballot box, it’s natural they would be most anxious about their economic future. I have the same concerns for my family. As much as the economy has imploded under Democratic rule, I think it’s imperative to consider an even more important reason to vote for a change from our current course: The attempt to overturn what we collectively value as moral. If this subversion is successful, we leave our children and grandchildren with no identity and in a valueless state in which all current priorities will pale in comparison. Let me explain.

In recent days, while engaged in shameless political pandering, President Joe Biden engaged in subverting of traditional morality at the most fundamental level. Biden invited Flamboyant transexual activist, Dylan Mulvaney (who transitioned from gay male to female this past year on Tic Tok), to a presidential forum to ask the Biden questions about transsexuality. As some background, Dylan has become a celebrity transexual “shock jock” among the LGBTQ+ community, with his videos discussing topics like “normalizing” the “bulge” caused by male genitalia when trans women wear tight skirts in public. Dylan is taking young viewers through the process of sexual transition, slamming traditional values with respect to gender. Mulvaney is clearly attempting to encourage children and others to transition their sex and presents the process as an enticement. Ironically, a number of females have been insulted by Dylan’s female stereotyping, with one comparing it to “blackface.”

During his interview of the president, Dylan asked Biden about red states that have tried to limit “gender-affirming care” for children. Whether Biden believed states should be able to ban surgery and other procedures to replace the genitalia of children when “transitioning” to the other sex, Biden’s response was quite shocking coming from an American president. He said: “I don't think any state, or anybody should have the right to (restrict child sex changes). As a moral question and as a legal question, I just think it's wrong … I mean, no state should be able to (prevent children from transgender surgery and puberty blockers), in my view. So, I feel very, very strongly that you should have every single solitary right including use of your gender-identity bathrooms in public.”

Biden praised Mulvaney for going through his sex transition with a blasphemous “God bless you.” Previously, Joe Biden has used impulsive rhetoric to fire up his progressive base. For example, Biden said Georgia election integrity legislation (which has been proven in this mid-term voting to have actually increased early voting from prior elections) was “Jim Crow 2.0” and even “Jim Eagle.” He compared support for such legislation with racist villains of America’s past, like Bull Connor Regardless, the sex change rhetoric with Mulvaney goes beyond pandering to an attack on our fundamental beliefs.

Biden’s unhinged, progressive assertion that attempts to restrict child sex changes are not “moral” takes us to a new and dangerous level. It is the overturning of collective understandings of right and wrong. We are amid an explosion of children following Dylan and others who encourage and celebrate sex changes. The activism of progressives in societal influencers (school, media, entertainment) has had a horrendous effect. During the past five years, the percentage of American youth identifying as transgender has doubled. Though 13- to 17-year-olds make up 8 percent of our population, they now make up 18 percent of transgenders. Only 11 percent of our population are 18- to 24-year-old, and yet they now make up 24 percent of transgenders.

America is experiencing progressive attacks seeking to overturn the traditional role of parents, as we have seen with the progressives trying to cut parents out of what is taught in schools. Progressives also attack the value of manhood and womanhood as distinct genders in society. Gov. Gavin Newsom recently signed into law California SB 107 making California a sanctuary “go to” state for genital mutilation of our youth. This law goes so far as to undermine parental control, as it “grants courts ‘temporary emergency jurisdiction’ over out-of-state minors if they are seeking transgender drugs, surgery or mental healthcare.” The California Family Council asserts “usurp the rights of parents across the nation and allows minors to make medical decisions on their own that can result in irreversible genital mutilation.” It’s important to note that progressive influencers are already telling children to hide transgenderism from parents and only communicate with those “affirming” of sex change “procedures.”

The transgender issue is only one such example of the war being waged to overturn American societal values and our identity. Values that have been passed through parents. America has had a system rooted in biblical moral truth that has worked to produce the strongest, freest most “exceptional” country in history. A system that has followed what has worked throughout history, and yet faces progressive forces which are pushing what we know will destroy it. Let’s fix the economy, but let’s not forget the fight for our soul.

Bill Connor is a 1990 Citadel graduate, 30-year Army infantry colonel (ret.) and combat veteran. He is a writer and attorney and lives in the Charleston area.


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