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Out and About April 2022: Garden Club Centennial

The Garden Club of Charleston celebrated its centennial year with a sold-out event at the Gibbes Museum on March 24. Kathleen Buckley took photos for the Mercury.

Sally Kolb and Catherine Verner Carsen, grandniece of Elizabeth O’Neil Verner.

Jolene Struebbe and Jim Burchfield.

Christina Elliott, past President of Garden Club, with Flora Penrose.

Betsy Middleton, Hannah Coyne and Janet Smith Coyne.

Bobby Shealy and Darcey Whalen, Chairwoman of Home & Garden Tour.

Kathy Wade, Pat Jones and Karen Gilson.

Laura Wichman Hipp, Joan McDonald, current Garden Club President, and Janet Smith Coyne.

Back Row: Vicky Wynn, Carol Dickey, Christy Anderson, Mary Swensin, Kirsten Chatillon and Debbie Ferrer.

Front Row: Melissa Brown and Wendy Nixon.


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