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Congress should live by the laws it passes

Nancy Mace. Image provided by Natalie Johnson.

By Nancy Mace

While millions of Americans are struggling to restart their lives, Speaker Pelosi thinks now is the opportune time to raise taxes. Just as our economy is slowly beginning to recover, the Democrats believe now is the time to take more money out of Americans’ pockets and funnel it straight into an out-of-control federal government spending money faster than ever before.

They tell us only the uber-rich will pay more. They tell us working Americans and their families won’t feel the impact, despite the fact many in Congress claim these new taxes will raise enough money to single-handedly pay for trillions upon trillions of dollars in new federal spending. But when the dust clears, millions of working Americans will suddenly find themselves paying higher prices for the things they need, earning lower wages at their job or losing their job entirely.

When Democrats tell us “only the rich will pay more,” tens of millions of working Americans will quickly discover they were “rich” all along.

Taking money away from businesses, which would otherwise invest that money to create jobs, raise wages or lower prices, would devastate hardworking Americans. Unfortunately, Congress has never been a group of people known for its “lead by example” approach or for its grasp of consequences, regardless of what they might say to get votes.

No matter what tax increase they pass, no one in Congress or in the federal government will see their taxes go up. They don’t want to give more of their own money to this “noble” cause of theirs to make Americans “pay their fair share.” They just want everyone else to pay up.

This extends to more than just tax increases. They wrote themselves out of just about every aspect of the rolling dumpster fire that is Obamacare. They wrote themselves out of insider trading laws. They wrote themselves out of just about every labor law, workplace safety rule and anti-retaliation law on the books.

For Congress, rules and laws are things the rest of us must mindlessly obey without complaint. In their minds, they are simply too important to be bothered with such inconvenient annoyances. And if anyone tries to live like them and operate above the law, these politicians are the first and the loudest voices to condemn them as villains and enemies of the people.

The fact is that many in Congress have absolutely no concept of the kind of impact their rules, laws and taxes have on American businesses, workers or their families. Nor do they particularly care. And why would they? They go to incredible lengths to make sure they don’t have to bear any of the burden they put on the same people they claim to represent.

Even when their financial irresponsibility leads to a government shutdown, their paychecks don’t skip a beat. Where else in America could you run an organization to the brink of financial ruin and still afford to keep paying every single executive and worker as if nothing was wrong?

Washington politicians don’t operate in the same world everyone else does. They operate in a world where it doesn’t matter how much money they take out of the economy or how many obstacles they put between working families and a decent job. They can say or do anything they want, and any consequence of their actions is felt by others.

They claim to care about “the little guy.” If this is true, they’d include specific language in any tax increase that would ensure they pay the maximum price for their terrible ideas.


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