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‘Little House’ wild turkey breast

Obtain (by sporting methods), a cleaned and de-boned breast of wild turkey. Slice in halves; marinate for a few hours in olive oil, a splash of white wine and rubbed sage.

After marinating is complete, you must first have a friendly assistant and set aside no less than two hours for the rest of the preparation and cooking process. Chop coarsely and then cook a large sweet onion and a stalk of celery in olive oil until they are slightly brown and then place in a mixing bowl; keep the juice with it. Take your marinated breast half and spice generously on both sides with freshly ground pepper, more sage and Buster’s Rub or your favorite Cajun spice. (Don’t worry too much about over-spicing — you will lose at least half of your spices during the browning process.)

Brown this on both sides in olive oil on medium heat and return it to a clean work station where you will stuff with one-half of the onions and celery. After you stuff it, have your assistant hold it steady while you place a piece of thick bacon underneath; wrap the piece of bacon around the breast portion and secure two ends of breast and bacon with a toothpick. Continue wrapping the breast portion with at least one-half a pound of bacon per portion. After you finish stuffing and wrapping the first breast portion, the second one should be brown. Bake both breast halves uncovered at 350 degrees for 50 minutes.

Take a look and cut a small piece for tasting. Larger breast portions obviously take a bit longer, but do not overcook. Remove toothpicks and slice in one-inch sections as you would for beef Wellington. Serve with wild rice, a vegetable of your choice, a white Burgundy and the best friends you have. It will feed six hungry gents or eight for mixed company — as soon as social distancing is a distant memory.

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