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America’s greatest national security threat at the DOJ

America is under attack from within our own government’s walls — our Department of Justice.

Last month the New York Times broke a massive story that got some attention but was overshadowed by the Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination hearings. Michael Schmidt and Adam Goldman, two veteran reporters, busted open a story that has national security implications.

They say they have several credible sources who told them Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general (the second highest ranking law enforcement agent in America) mentioned several times that he spoke to friends about “wearing a wire” when meeting with President Trump.

Several times Rosenstein talked about recording conversations with the commander in chief. Allegedly, Rosenstein even went so far as to sug

gest some of his recordings could be used to enlist cabinet member to “impeach” the president.

If true, this has massive national security implications.

National security threat number one: Rod Rosenstein

Rosenstein, being deputy attorney general, is privy to extremely high-level discussions with respect to our national security. He would be present — and presumably recording conversations — not just with President Trump, but also conversations with his boss, Attorney General Jeff Sessions. (more on Sessions in a minute).

Who knows what compromising information he may record. You could easily see him recording sensitive information from dozens of meetings, conversations or casual encounters. During the next time you’re in a private meeting or just having a drink with friends, ask yourself if that conversation would make you uncomfortable if it were released publicly.

That could be quite embarrassing. But this goes beyond embarrassing when the subjects aren’t friends sitting at the bar at Halls Chophouse. This is the president of the United States.

President Trump has a tendency to be frank and blunt in private conversations. I can say that with absolute certainty. (I’ve been in the Oval Office and the West Wing and experienced that.)

Rosenstein and/or a collaborator could sell this information to foreign entities who want to take us or President Trump down.

If Rosenstein would go so far as to wiretap the most powerful human on the planet there is no end to what he might do to achieve his goal.

But it goes beyond Rosenstein.

National Security Threat number two: Attorney General Jeff Sessions

This man had the gall to pretend to be a friend and ally of Donald Trump, the candidate throughout the 2016 Presidential Election. He offered early support from the Alabama Senate seat. He seemed loyal to Trump. One thing about Trump, for better or worse, he is loyal to those who are loyal to him.

That loyalty was rewarded upon the Trump presidential win. President Trump handed Senator Sessions a job he deeply desired: U.S. attorney general. Senator Jeff Sessions seemed to be a loyal Trump man and a good choice to head the nations law enforcement.

But … he was not!

This minute Sessions moved into his office in the nation’s capital, he threw his boss, the man who gave him that huge job, under the bus, BIGLY. Sessions recused himself in all things Russia and that recusal allowed Deputy Attorney General Andrew McCabe the opportunity to appoint a “special investigator” into whether our President Trump collude with Russia to earn the Oval Office.

McCabe was a close ally to James Comey, the then-current director of the FBI. McCabe and Comey hated Trump. Comey leaked contemporaneous notes he took while talking with Trump ... anyone besides me see the similarity to Rosenstein? Comey was fired for that leaking of confidential information to the New York Times (among other things) and McCabe was let go soon after.

That left Rosenstein the new deputy attorney general under Jeff Sessions. See the mess that is our Justice Department: leaks, wire taps and more.

That is very dangerous, folks. I can almost guarantee Russia, Iran, North Korea and more are champing at the bit to get some of these traitors to leak some damaging information to them. I’m also guessing they are willing to offer BIG sums of money for that information.

McCabe and Comey dislike President Trump immensely and happen to be out of jobs. After all, if they are/were willing to take those huge risks of talking and leaking, they likely have the guts to sell that information — even to a hostile government. Not necessarily for financial gain, but to take down Trump.

Despicable! Time to clean house, Mr. President.

You need to disinfect our DOJ. It's filled with termites eating away at our most important intelligence agencies such as the FBI, CIA and NSA. Leaks from within these agencies could be catastrophic. They should not be taken lightly. Furthermore, I would go so far as to bring treason charges to Sessions, McCabe, Comey and Rosenstein.

Let’s get these guys on the stand and watch them defend their actions. They would be literally defending themselves from treason which, by the way, carries the death penalty if found guilty of the most egregious forms.

People tend to tell all — to speak truthfully — when their lives depend upon it.

Firing these traitors doesn’t go far enough. Trying them for treason would send a signal to other potential bad actors, leakers and traitors: In short, shut up and do your job.

Besides being a close friend of President Donald Trump, Eric Bolling is an experienced cable news host with thousands of hours logged at the anchor desk of “The Five,” “The O’Reilly Factor” and “Hannity” at Fox News Channel. Bolling has written two books, “Wake Up America” and “The Swamp,” both immediately shot to the top of the New York Times Best seller list. Eric now hosts “AMERICA” on the conservative digital television platform

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