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Boycott, divest and sanctions seek to throttle Israel

March 1, 2018

There is a cancer that is spreading through America. It finds warmth and nurture on university campuses and that sustaining environment enables it to metastasize and become ever more lethal and deadly. The official name of the disease is “Boycott, Divest and Sanction” but (like every other loathsome disease with a three letter abbreviation in pharmaceutical TV ads) it is more frequently known simply as “BDS.” While the immediate target of BDS is the state of Israel, make no mistake: Its ultimate victim is to be the capital of Western civilization, the United States.


The BDS movement first appeared around 2007 and claims three ostensible goals: “Ending Israel’s occupation and colonization of all Arab lands occupied in June 1967 and dismantling the Wall; recognizing the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality; and respecting, protecting and promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in UN Resolution 194.”


The actual goal of the BDS movement has nothing to do with the Israeli lands recaptured by Israel in the 1967 war. Rather, it is the absolute elimination of the state of Israel and the elimination of a Jewish presence anywhere in the area. They hope to achieve that goal by encouraging the isolation of Israel and damage to her economy by urging people to avoid Israeli goods and services — Boycott, Divest and Sanction.


The proponents of BDS couch their evil intent in soft words of emotional appeal, rather than facts. Their interest is “justice” for the “poor Palestinians” who have been forcibly evicted from their ancestral lands and mistreated by the “occupying” Jews who are channeling the oppression that they suffered under the Nazi and concentrating it on the “indigenous” Arabs who have become the “new Jews.” The fact that the BDS movement is based on a tissue of readily penetrated lies is immaterial. The power of the evil that it represents, Jew hatred, is so strong that truth is irrelevant.


They claim that Israel is an “apartheid state” and that Arab-Palestinians are less than full equal citizens. That is a lie. The truth is that fully 20 percent of Israeli citizens are Arab, who vote and have elected their own Arab representatives in the Israeli Knesset (legislature). Israeli Arab citizens have full rights, equal to those of all Jewish Israelis. The truth is that “apartheid” only exists in the areas under control of the Palestinian Authority. 


Many American college campuses have been overrun by BDS supporters who foment an increasing number of anti-Jewish incidents and leave in their wake frightened Jewish students. The existence of Israel is convenient for proponents of the BDS movement, because it enables them to engage in anti-Jewish behavior without the inconvenience of having to state that their target is the Jews.


Why is the growth medium for the BDS movement the American college campus? Because it is populated by students who blindly accept leftist policies; faculty members who, by and large, are America-hating refugees from the Vietnam Era; and spineless administrators who have no concept of discipline or timeless values.


The result of this hothouse atmosphere is a poisonous stew that is being used by the enemies of western civilization to bring to its knees, not only Israel, the “Little Satan,” but America, the “Great Satan.”


Do not fool yourself into thinking that the ultimate targets of the BDSers are Israel and the Jews. “First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people” is a potent phrase exposing a dark truth. Another way of stating it is that the Jews are the appetizers, but the Christians will be the main course.


Without confronting and defeating BDS, American civilization is on an increasing descent into extinction. If you think that I exaggerate, you are sorely mistaken. Each day the Constitution loses more of its impact as American students are required to pass through mock “checkpoints” maintained by their fellow students (and those masquerading as students) that are erected to symbolize the so-called burdens that afflict the Palestinians. The actual checkpoints in Israel are maintained to protect Israeli citizens from terrorists. Each time that a speaker, who appears on a campus for the purpose of explaining the Israeli side of things, is shouted down and prevented from speaking, the American social compact is torn.


Israel is a place of culture, invention, medical advances and commercial and individual freedom. In short, Israel is the ultimate symbol of Western civilization. Is it any wonder that those who would destroy all those things take primary aim at the State of Israel?


It is so easy to attack Israel. One thing that can be said about the Jewish people is that we don’t know how to state properly our own case. Perhaps part of the reason is that we can’t believe that a sentient human being wouldn’t immediately see through the lies. But stepping back it can readily be seen why that is the case. I recently watched an episode of “Watters’ World” on TV, in which the host asked students at a major university certain civics questions which should have been easily answered by a reasonably alert cocker spaniel. The responses were shocking in their ignorance. It was appalling to watch students at one of America’s most prestigious institutions of higher learning reacting like deer in the headlights when asked the name of the vice president of the United States! These empty headed savants are fertile soil for those who would plant BDS. When you come to realize that many pro-BDS “students” are much older than the average college student and already have degrees from various universities in Arab countries, you can reasonably ask yourself whether this is more than a group of lovers of social justice who are singing “Kumbaya” as they proceed to remedy the evils of Zion.


The BDS Movement is a symptom of a more significant rot that we have permitted to invade our culture. It is populated by groups of people whose motives are malignant and by groups of people who have been duped into carrying that malignancy forward. It must be conquered. The question is how can that be accomplished.


Sun Tzu, the brilliant Chinese general, said: “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” The first requirement is that we recognize the enemy. We need to face the fact that the BDS proponents on campus and the college administrators whom enable their tactics of harassment are the enemy. We also need to know ourselves. We need to be sure that we are confident that our values are worthy of preservation and are worth defending.


Then, we need to prepare for battle. We must send emissaries onto each campus who will educate students with the truth instead of with lies. In his book BDS For Idiots my friend, Barry Shaw, shows how BDS really stands for “Bias, Deception and Slander.” We must educate ourselves and others to the evil that BDS represents. We need early-warning systems in place so that when BDS demonstrations arise, counter demonstrators will be there to challenge the lies. We need to stand up to bullies who attempt to enforce BDS with intimidation.


We need to take the offensive. It is incumbent upon us to point out that the ostensible reason for the BDS movement is a vicious lie. If the proponents of this garbage truly cared about Palestinians, they would not be so anxious to close down businesses that employ Palestinians (especially those in Judea and Samaria) in good jobs, providing unparalleled opportunities for them to feed, house, clothe and educate their families. We who support Israel and the truth must actively bring to public attention those who are most endangered by BDS, the workers who actually live in fear that their places of employment will be shut down as a result of the misguided and/or malevolent efforts of those whose only interest is in bringing Jews to their knees.


If we don’t take action, we will lose the future. It has been said too often “Jews are the canary in the coal mine.” If Israel is brought down, we in America will be next in line. Staying above the fray is not an option. It is up to each of us to smack down this evil. Learn the identities of those who advocate for BDS and get in their faces. At the very least, what each and every one of us can do is learn the names of the products that the BDS movement wants us to boycott and then go to the market and buy them!


Stuart Kaufman is a retired lawyer, investment banker and businessman. He relocated from New York to Mount Pleasant in 2012. A friend recently told him that he has been a South Carolinian all of his life ... but he just didn’t know it.

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