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How could it come to this?

October 6, 2016

Fair Warning: This article will be as politically incorrect as I can possibly make it.


It is time to get serious about American politics and the presidential race. For the past interminable 45 months, we have been led by a pusillanimous America-hater who has done all he could to tear us down. He is leaving us with a country that is in dire economic difficulties, beset with enemies and riddled with domestic discord and race hatred. Anyone who thought that the election of “the first black President in the nation’s history” would usher in a Golden Age has to be kicking himself in the butt. That anyone could have voted twice for this charlatan is beyond incomprehensible to those of us who actually care for the country.


Disrespect for America is at unplumbed depths. At the September Trans Pacific Partnership conference held in China, the Chinese (to whom form and ceremony are highly important) made sure that our president was forced to deplane from Air Force One from the belly of the plane rather than treated properly as a head of state on a red carpet. The newly elected president of the Philippines publicly called Obama a “son of a whore.” The Iranians continue to tweak his nose with snotty abandon at sea and repeatedly violate the already-loose terms of the vile agreement that Obama “negotiated” with them in return for lifting the American embargo and the payment of $1.7 billion in tribute.


The weakening of the American government continues apace. Presidents like Reagan vigorously projected American power and preserved peace by putting America’s enemies in fear and punishing them when necessary. No one fears Obama’s America. There is a potent Internet meme that says it all:  “Kennedy put a man on the moon; Obama put men in ladies bathrooms.” I can think of few things that better illustrate the sorry state of this country under the worst president in America’s history.


During the height of the Egyptian empire, when an unpopular pharaoh died or was overthrown, the pharaoh’s name was literally eliminated:  His name on monuments was chiseled out of the stone; his name was deleted from papyrus texts. All traces of that pharaoh were expunged. That is what I would love to see happen to Barack Hussein Obama. His name should be erased from history and all trace of his misrule (ObamaCare, as a perfect example) should be carved out of the United States Code and out of the Code of Federal Regulations.


Which brings us to the current state of affairs. The question that one hears repeatedly is “how did we end up with these two?” How did Clinton and Trump become the choices to lead this nation?

I believe the reason is the nature of our celebrity culture. In today’s America, “celebrities” are given enormous attention for no other reason than that they are famous. Decades ago, there was a “celebrity” named Zsa Zsa Gabor. If was said of her that she was “famous for being famous.” Now you can multiply the number of Zsa Zsa Gabors exponentially. There are magazines completely devoted to following the activities of these people who are famous for being famous. Similarly, the candidates who head the tickets of the Republican and Democrat parties are “celebrities.” It is my absolute belief that they can attribute their candidacies primarily to the fact that people know their names and their faces.


Years ago, I had a friend who was a major celebrity hound. It didn’t matter who it was; if he was near a celebrity he went nuts. At one point we were standing at a restaurant when Al Sharpton arrived. My friend rushed over to Sharpton and started babbling and shaking his hand in wild-eyed wonder. Afterwards, I asked this guy how he could shake the hand of such a villain as Sharpton. His answer was classic. He said, “He’s so famous.”


This, then, is how we got to this point. We have become a society that rewards people for nothing more than the fact that they are well known.


Hillary Clinton is a case in point. At bottom, she is nothing more than a “celebrity,” given the gift of her candidacy by the Democratic Party all tied up in a pretty little bow. Those of the Democrat elite who wanted to preserve their piece of the pie made sure that, in the end, Clinton would be the only one left standing. But is anyone able to think of a more undeserving candidate?


Years ago (before the primary system succeeded in strangling us), politicos in “smoke-filled rooms” selected the candidate. Some of them might not have been particularly worthy, but at least those who selected them could be sure that the nation would remain intact. Not any longer. Can anyone argue in good faith that Hillary Clinton has accomplished one single thing on her own (other than hitching herself to Bill Clinton)? The smartest woman in the world failed the D.C. Bar examination. She moved to Arkansas and became associated with a tank town law firm when (and not before) Bill Clinton became attorney general of the state (resulting in substantial business for that firm). She became a partner in that same firm only after Bill Clinton became governor (resulting in even more business for that firm).


When Bill became president (another example of voter foolishness), he gave his wife the task of establishing a new comprehensive government medical insurance scheme (remember HillaryCare?) that was roundly — and soundly — rejected. When Bill vacated the presidency, these two beauties moved to New York, whereupon Mrs. Clinton declared her candidacy for the U.S. Senate. She won the seat based largely on her celebrity status as former first lady (never overestimate the good sense of the New York voter) and served for eight years, until she resigned to become Barack Hussein Obama’s secretary of state. To this day, no one can point to a single substantive piece of legislation that she originated during her time in the Senate.


The author and thinker Laurence J. Peter pointed out a potent pattern of organizational behavior known as the “Peter Principle.” It declares that people only stop being promoted once they can no longer perform effectively and “managers rise to the level of their incompetence.” By all accounts, being a member of the U.S. Senate is not particularly taxing from an intellectual or physical standpoint. The biggest dullards in the world could be (and have been) members of the Senate club — Chuck Hagel and John Kerry’s names come immediately to mind.


Consequently, when Mrs. Clinton was named secretary of state, she had reached a point beyond her level of competence and proceeded to prove it (come to think of it, the same can be said of Chuck Hagel and John Kerry). However, incompetence as a secretary of state has far more consequence than being an incompetent manager in a shirt factory. The result is Benghazi. Do we really want to promote this nonentity to a second level beyond her incompetence? Do we want to make this nonentity the president? By all accounts, a Hillary Clinton presidency would be Barack Hussein Obama redux, on steroids. Enough said.


You may well ask why I have dedicated so much column space to Hillary Clinton, when Trump is so ripe for the picking. It is certainly true that Donald Trump is also a “celebrity.” He has spent his entire career chasing after fame and he has achieved it. The difference between Trump and Clinton is that Trump has also accomplished a great deal. He is not only famous for being famous — he is famous for leaving a significant mark on his world. He has built something.


Furthermore, we know what Clinton will do when it comes to destroying the Federal judiciary. We know what Hillary will (not) do to protect Americans from domestic and foreign terrorism. We know what Hillary Clinton will do when it comes to selling influence. We know that Hillary Clinton will shred and twist truth until it is thoroughly unrecognizable. We must vote against Hillary Clinton and the only effective way to do that is to vote FOR Donald Trump. Trump may also be a “celebrity,” but he has demonstrated his competence. No one can honestly say that Clinton has demonstrated any competence whatsoever. She is not even a competent liar.


It has been said that, historically, the life of the average republic is about 200 years. America has already exceeded that. If we want to see America continue to break history’s rule, we MUST reject Hillary Clinton and, like it or not, Donald Trump must become the 45th president of the U.S.


Stuart Kaufman is a retired lawyer, investment banker and businessman. He relocated from New York to Mount Pleasant in 2012. A friend recently told him that he has been a South Carolinian all of his life ... but he just didn’t know it.


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