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No longer tolerate the double standard

February 6, 2015

We have recently witnessed two appalling attacks by bloodthirsty Islamists on civilian targets in Paris. The first was an attack on the editorial offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo; the second was the siege at the Hyper Cacher kosher grocery store. These attacks resulted in the deaths of 17 innocent persons. I have several observations based upon a variety of accounts and opinions that I have viewed within the past few days.


Had the attack on Charlie Hebdo not occurred, would the world have been just as exercised about the assault on the kosher supermarket and the death of Jews? My answer to this academic question is:  Certainly not. The death of “Jews,” as opposed to “journalists,” doesn’t seem to particularly impress the media. I would be willing to bet substantial amounts that if it were only Jews who had died, the story — if any — would have disappeared within a day or two. Certainly, two million people, including 40 heads of state, would not have marched through the streets of Paris. The double standard is alive and well … and living in Paris.


Someone sent me a cartoon in which France is shown divided vertically into two parts. Thenarrative on the graphic reads:  “This attack only underscores the need for France to immediately engage in negotiations with French Muslims that will result in the creation of two states for two peoples, living side by side in peace and security, with Paris as a shared capital.” Absurd, right? But why is this any less absurd than the demand — supported, by the way, by the French — that Israel be carved up and the terrorism committed by Palestinians be rewarded by giving them their own state? A friend sent me a wonderfully cogent comment:  “When terrorists attack Paris, the world rallies against terror. When terrorists attack Israel, the world rallies against Israel.” The double standard is alive and well … and living in Paris and at the United Nations.


It has been reported that French President Francois Hollande asked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to come to the demonstration in Paris. When Netanyahu indicated that he was going to come anyway, Hollande proceeded to invite Mahmoud Abbas, head of the terrorist Palestinan Authority. He then held a well-publicized “private” meeting with Abbas. When Netanyahu and Hollande went to the Grand Synagogue after the rally, Hollande left as soon as Netanyahu began speaking. The double standard is alive and well … and living in Paris.


Much has been made within the past few days of the banlieues, the “no-go” areas in Paris (and elsewhere in France) where, it is claimed, the civil authorities dare not enter and Sharia law is supreme. The French government now asserts that these areas are not completely “no-go” for the police and the city of Paris is even threatening to file suit against some journalists for labeling these areas as “no-go.” But if there indeed are areas run under Sharia law where police rarely (if ever) enter to impose the laws of France, wouldn’t that be an abdication of the obligations of the duly constituted government authorities to maintain control over the areas for which they are responsible? And what about the “no-go” areas that exist here in the United States?


How many Americans are aware of “Muslims of America,” an organization dedicated to our destruction, run by Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah El-Gilani, a Pakistani Islamist? The FBI estimates that MOA maintains at least 35 separate “towns” in this country. According to some sources, at least seven are guerilla training centers called “Islamvilles.” Did you know that there is one located not far away in York, South Carolina? Because these “no-go enclaves” are all located on private property, the authorities claim that they have no legal basis for going in and monitoring them. We don’t know how many people live in or are being “trained” in these towns.


It took only three or four Islamic fanatics to murder the editors at Charlie Hebdo and the Jews shopping for groceries at Hyper Cacher. Multiply that number only a thousandfold and think about how much havoc can be unleashed on our doorsteps. Every day brings the possibility of multiple 9/11s and the president is worried about “Islamophobia,” stating at the U.N. that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” The American government is so bound up by political correctness that it is paralyzed. Since 2011, the FBI has been prohibited from including in its training materials any connection between Islam and terrorism. The double standard is alive and well … and living in America.


Just because journalists were the victims doesn’t make this act of terror any more (or less) heinous than if they were, say, children in a classroom in Pakistan or being bombed in Sderot, Israel. This was not a singular attack on “free speech,” as has been declared from pillar to post. This was a distressingly usual attack on civilization as a whole. The Jews who died in the grocery store, like the Christian girls kidnaped and murdered by Boko Haram in Nigeria, were of no less value than the journalists who died in the offices of Charlie Hebdo. It is not that people should not be wild with fury when journalists are murdered by radical Islamists. It is that people shouldd be filled with fury when anyone is murdered by these barbarians. We are so exposed to double standards every day — about Israel, about precious “journalists,” about alleged “victims” versus alleged “perpetrators” — that we have lost sight of moral absolutes. The double standard is alive and well … and living in every corner of this planet.


I am personally sick of accepting the double standard as the tolerable norm. We need to cut through the fog of political correctness and use the truth as a cold shower. We need to wake up. The double standard must no longer be tolerated.


Stuart Kaufman is a retired lawyer, investment banker and businessman. He relocated from New York to Mount Pleasant in 2012. A friend recently told him that he has been a South Carolinian all of his life ... but he just didn’t know it.


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