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For 20 years, the Charleston Mercury has been a unique treasure — with conservative principles as strong as a live oak and thoughtful, genteel Southern perspectives, we've stood tall from our headquarters not in New York or Washington D.C., but right here in the historic Carolina Lowcountry.


We’re not afraid to be just who we are … or to use big words (so long as they’re just the right ones). We explore the wide world over, while never straying too long from the sunny South. Arts, culture, travel and the outdoors nestle up together on our pages with insightful commentary, interviews with individuals who matter and news and views you’ll want to read — no matter where you’re from.

With subscribers in over 30 states, our little journal has admirers far beyond “The Holy City” of Charleston — and we hope you’ll become one soon. To that end, try one of these two special subscription offers:

$75 — Get the whole thing:  Our print edition sent once a month via USPS, printed on our unmistakeable trademark salmon-colored sheets, and our e-newsletter, offering electronic access to the paper as soon as it's out, no matter you're at plus additional e-newsletter exclusive content multiple times during the month. (Click here)

$50 — If getting your hand on physical newsprint isn't of utmost importance to you, you can still get all that we offer as quickly as possible with a digital subscription. Get the Mercury on any compatible electronic device and receive it at the same time as we do here in Charleston. (Click here)

Or just give us a try: 

Click here to get three month of our

digital e-newsletter for no charge at all. 

We're confident that once you get the Mercury,

you'll “get the Mercury” ... and you'll love it!

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