By Ford Walpole

Fortunately for sporting enthusiasts planning for the fall hunting season, Circle Seven Outpost & Provisions recently set up shop at the Old Cigar Factory in Charleston. This charming outfitter is hardly your big-box store. The gun room is lined with Berettas, as well as English firearms from Royal Warrant Holders Association members James Purdey & Sons and William & Son.

By Ford Walpole

Catching fish is fun and catch-and-release is rewarding. For the sporting conservationist, helping with a fish-stocking project furthers the sustainability of a passion. Recently, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (DNR) released young spot-tailed bass, also known as red drum, redfish or channel bass into the lake at the James Island County Park and the peninsula’s Colonial Lake.

By Ford Walpole

When my wife, English, heard the call to go turkey hunting, I naturally called on my friend Thomas Rowe. Like the quarry he seeks, Thomas’s trips are unpredictable, instinctive and adaptive. Thomas employs a Renaissance approach to guiding, befitting his degree in Southern Studies. You hear of childhood exploits and see where his daughter, Meredith, harvested bucks and took her first gobbler — but you also come to appreciate the history, flora and non-game fauna of your surroundings.

By Ellinor Gaillard Walters

Gavin Parker waits for the final horn and comes off the starting line with speed. He’s used to the stress; Parker has been competing on the water since he was six years old. The points spread in Sarasota had been tight and every move Parker makes on the racecourse could affect his selection.

By Ford Walpole

It’s springtime and love is in the air — for eastern wild turkeys and those who pursue them. Wildlife biologist Charles Ruth serves as big game program director for the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (DNR). He narrates the quest for the gobbler: “Spring turkey hunting is an active, or proactive event. It often involves more than one hunter and relocation, movement by the hunter(s). Typically, the hunter hears the gobbler and, at that point, he knows his quarry is in the vicinity. In most cases, ongoing gobbling reinforces the notion of potential success.”

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