By Ford Walpole

It’s springtime and love is in the air — for eastern wild turkeys and those who pursue them. Wildlife biologist Charles Ruth serves as big game program director for the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (DNR). He narrates the quest for the gobbler: “Spring turkey hunting is an active, or proactive event. It often involves more than one hunter and relocation, movement by the hunter(s). Typically, the hunter hears the gobbler and, at that point, he knows his quarry is in the vicinity. In most cases, ongoing gobbling reinforces the notion of potential success.”

By Charleston Mercury Staff

And they’re off, April 8 — seeking to root a race in turf long fertilized by history. Indeed, a new race meet, The Steeplechase of Charleston at Stono Ferry, will join the National Steeplechase Association’s (NSA) 2017 spring racing schedule. Tickets have been on sale since January 6.

By John Wilson

The 2017 Bassmaster Classic is coming up; the chatter about the $300,000 prize among the leaders in the field is to forget the science and concentrate more on technique and momentum. In thinking back on fishing, especially bass fishing, I cannot think of anyone who had more technique and momentum than the late Judge Solomon Blatt, Jr.

By Ford Walpole

When Boy Scout Camp is in session at Camp Ho Non Wah on Wadmalaw, you can expect a steady rhythm of shotgun blasts along the banks of Bohicket Creek. “Shotgun Shooting” is one of the merit badges offered by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and earning it depends on skills and success, besides effort, time and study. To qualify for the badge, boys must “hit 12 of 25 targets (48 percent) in two 25-target groups. A minimum of 50 shots must be fired.”

By Ford Walpole

Riley Bradham opened the door of his Chevrolet truck and jazz crooned from the cab while his eight-year-old son Guign — short for Guignard — caught precious extra sleep in the back seat. In the predawn cool of just under 50 degrees, my old friend and I solved many of the world’s problems over the bed of my pickup.

The conversation transcended to campfires on beaches and in woods decades earlier and I recall that my friend, the artist and sportsman, now happens to be an attorney and the mayor of Rockville, a charming hamlet steeped in character and colorful characters.

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