By Lachlan McIntosh

Buoyed by Democratic wins around the country including in red states like Oklahoma, South Carolina Democrats are showing signs of life for the first time in years.

By Stuart Kaufman

We are in a phase in our national existence that is the reverse of the natural progression from infancy to adulthood. In the proper and normal course of development, a person grows from total dependency into a functioning, self-reliant individual who accepts personal responsibility for all aspects of his life. However, in today’s United States, too many of our people actively seek the identity of “victims.” In modern American culture, the status of “victim” conveys an aura of moral superiority. If one achieves the status of “victim,” it opens a gift box of privilege.

The Advocate

Jay Williams, Jr.

The Battery, twice voted the best public space in Charleston, is in trouble.

The Battery, with its iconic sidewalks and stunning sea views across the Ashley, the harbor, and out to Fort Sumter, is the perfect compliment for Charleston’s magnificent homes and unique streetscapes. Throughout history, the sea has been Charleston’s window on the world, it has influenced her character and it frames her peninsula.

By Stuart Kaufman

My esteemed wife gave me my first motorcycle as a 40th wedding anniversary gift. I never rode one before that; I fell in love with it. I traded up a few times and now, ten years later, I ride a Harley Davidson Road Glide, a big, honkin’ touring bike and I love everything about it. Much of what I love about it is what can be termed the “biker culture.” Most people who ride Harleys are in their 50s and older. We may look rather disreputable, grizzled and unwholesome (who showers and shaves before going out on a ride?), but I have found the vast majority of those whom I have met to be wonderful people. Many are veterans who are unabashedly proud of their service and of this country. They are decent people with decent values and decent intentions — which is why I was so disturbed by a recent experience.

The Advocate

Jay Williams, Jr.

Flooding, three years in a row. And the last was the worst. Hurricane Irma’s storm surge battered and cascaded over the Low Battery wall. Many residents had just completed extensive home repairs caused by Matthew only to suffer worse damage from Irma. It’s enough to make you cry.

And it’s more than enough to make you angry.

Mercury newspaper racks are located at the following locations:

The Meeting Street Inn

Clair's Service Station at 334 Folly Rd.

Harris Teeter on Houston-Northcutt Blvd.

The Square Onion in I'On

Mt. Pleasant Library on Mathis Ferry Rd.