By Lachlan McIntosh

Thus far, three well known South Carolina legislators have been indicted in this current corruption probe led by First Circuit Solicitor David Pascoe. State Senator John Courson and State Representatives Jim Merrill and Rick Quinn have been officially charged with varying degrees of misconduct in office. It is expected that more indictments are forthcoming. While all three are Republicans, most observers would not be surprised if one or more Democrats were included in future indictments.

By Stuart Kaufman

At the age of 73, my capacity for outrage never ceases to amaze me. I am getting tired of being indignant most of the time. However, it seems to me, that given the trajectory of behavior in modern American culture, it is the moral obligation of every decent, thinking human being to be perpetually furious.

By Richard W. Carlson

I want to tell you about a buddy of mine. I will call him Rob, though it’s not his real name. I don’t want to embarrass him publicly. He lives in South Carolina a couple of hours from Charleston.

It is an outrageous story.

By Stuart Kaufman

There is a malignant virus that is spreading throughout this country. It is flourishing and mutating in the hothouse atmosphere of America’s institutions of “higher learning,” and it threatens the health of American society in a way that is new and intensely ominous. It attacks the nervous system and the vital organs of the living organism that is American civilization by using our educational system as its host and by attacking our very future by feeding upon our youth. What has happened to our colleges?

By Lachlan McIntosh

The bizarre and troubling reign of the Trump presidency is barely two months old. It seems much longer than that. There’s so much bad that it’s nearly impossible to keep up with everything. While the escalating FBI investigation into Russia’s role in influencing the November elections and Trump’s potential role in it would probably be considered the headliner, it certainly has steep competition on several fronts.

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