Star search?

            As locals watch the Sergeant Jasper Building begin its move toward rubble and rebirth, inquiring minds want to know if Charleston’s 2015 Christmas is in jeopardy. After all, smart money has it that Santa Claus has been navigating to the Holy City by the way of the star on the Jasper and may end up overshooting and ending up in Hollywood, finding their plentiful rural lights more welcoming.

Coyote ugly

            The Rambler recently observed that coyote ugly is taking on a new meaning — putting the species on the same level as Born Free’s lions. We understand the joke is that Sullivan’s Island is becoming a “coyote refuge.” Remember, the coyote is an invasive predator — they kill pets, wild game and will even attack humans in rare cases. South Carolina’s sportsmen pay the majority of the direct and indirect expense of maintaining our ecosystems and protecting endangered species and they believe the only good coyote is one at room temperature.

Frigate’s farewell

            An era ended this November as the Navy decommissioned the USS Ingraham. The fourth vessel named for Charlestonian Nathaniel Ingraham, she was commissioned in 1989 as our fleet’s final frigate. The debate about her replacement has been fiery; however, no matter the craft selected to fill the frigate’s role, the Rambler hopes that Ingraham’s name soon returns to the waves where it so belongs — on a fighting ship. For reasons why — and for a look at Ingraham’s Beaufain Street home — turn to “Closing Notes” on page 15.

Kaufmans: Stand up for Israel!

Our Stuart Kaufman recently spoke with his wife, Susan, about a question a friend posed: What is Hashem (G-d) telling us when he permits acts like the vicious murder by Arab terrorists of four rabbis while they were at prayer in a Jerusalem synagogue? Mrs. Kaufman responded: “I think Hashem is telling the Jewish people to wake up and fight for ourselves. When we Jews don’t fight to protect what Hashem has given us — our birthright, Hashem is silent; however, Hashem has been with us when we fought for our own survival. We will soon be celebrating the miracle of Hannukah, remembering how a small cruze of oil burned for eight days, marking the end of the battle against the Seleucids led by the Maccabees. More recently, the Jewish people have successfully battled overwhelming odds and won — think of the 1948 war, the Suez war in 1956, the 1967 war and the Yom Kippur War in 1973. The Jewish people were united and Israel stood strong. I think Hashem is waiting for us to stand up and remember that His covenant with the Jewish people is a two-way street. If we want Him to remember His covenant with us, first we have to show Him that we remember our covenant with Him.”


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