Medical history moment

By Jacob Steere-Williams

A century ago, in the middle of September 1918, in Charleston’s Health Office, Dr. J. Mercier Green sat soberly staring at newly arrived reports from the Naval Training Station, The Citadel and Porter Military Academy. Influenza had arrived in Charleston and before it would leave over 6,000 Charlestonians were struck with the disease.

Waring Library Society Medical History Moment

By Theresa S. Gonzales

Recently I had a health issue that I had never experienced before, after practicing dentistry for more than 32 years: I had a toothache. It occurred to me, though I have treated literally thousands of toothaches in my career, I had never had any pain related to my dentition.    

By Cordes Simpson

Everyone has a story. What’s yours? What do you tell others? How do you describe yourself? Do you say that you are the kind of person who wants the best of everything because you had a terrible childhood? How about telling friends that you are very competitive because you grew up with seven brothers? Or maybe because you grew up with seven brothers you got very little attention or notice because you were the good kid.

Medical History Moment

By Jerry Reves

Julian J. Chisolm, M.D. was born in Charleston on April 16, 1830. After receiving his medical degree from the Medical College of the State of South Carolina, he went to Paris where he studied surgery. He returned to Charleston, but several years later on another visit to Europe he witnessed the treatment of wounded during the Second Italian War of Independence (also called the Italian War of 1859). It was this experience that would become useful to the South’s war effort to which he made major contributions.

By Patra Taylor

In 2000 Ainsley Glenn was living her dream. Beautiful and brilliant, she had a post-graduate degree in cardiac arrhythmias and an excellent career with a medical device company in Washington, D.C. Then a serious automobile accident stopped her in her tracks.

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