By Charleston Mercury Staff

When you think you’ve discovered it all, then Charleston does it again; we now are giving a year-round flavor of the best experiences from the wildlife weekend or a memorable trip to Holland and Holland in London. We’ve recently been introduced to Fieldshop, a new retail concept from our friends at Garden & Gun magazine and currently, the Charleston location is the only one that exists. In the ever-changing landscape of stores and retail offerings, Fieldshop is truly a unique proposition. You’ll find it discreetly tucked into the first floor of The Dewberry between the living room bar and Henrietta’s. But discourage any notion that it is a typical hotel store, for what you’ll find within is something that will excite and inspire both locals and visitors alike.

Fieldshop offers a curated expression of the finest and unique lifestyle products available for the modern sporting enthusiast. Delivered through the same discerning lens as the magazine, you’ll discover an assortment of the finest sporting centric brands from around the world coupled with seasonal apparel, barware, jewelry, entertaining notions and florals. In its tiny footprint of two spaces, each around 200 square feet, the store delivers an impactful punch through expertly curated visuals and product presentation.

From jewelry and chocolates to champagne cork keepsakes and sporting binoculars, quality and craftsmanship are paramount and it seems the mix of masculine and feminine, gift and accessories is on point. A visit to Fieldshop is truly a discovery. You’ll find a new take on old classics as well as unique and exclusive collaborations such as the signature Fieldshop Chocolates or the one-off apparel exclusive with Billy Reid. Of note is that Westley Richards, the revered British rifle maker, offers a few of their fine leather goods and ceramics through Fieldshop, the only retailer in the U.S. authorized to carry their goods. And as might be expected, there is always a healthy offering of one-of-a-kind vintage barware and sporting books for perusal.

The “game offerings” in this field will not be static. Every six to eight weeks, the creative direction puts on a new face and delivers a seasonally appropriate or timely installation of the latest and greatest product reveal. We gather they have some exciting plans for the spring and fall, so be sure to stay tuned for new collaborations, featured artists and trunk shows during the coming months.

Located at 334 Meeting Street, Fieldshop keeps hours from 11a.m – 8 p.m. Monday-Saturday; 12 p.m. – 5 p.m. Sunday. To get in touch with them, ring (843) 872-9073 or shoot them an email via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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