Teddy Turner backs Guerard

Dear Editor:

A vote for Russell Guerard is a vote for needed change in Columbia! Career politicians often forget who elected them, and I believe that has happened in State House District 110.
Russell brings a new perspective and a new commitment to making our state government accountable to us, the voters. His push on ethics reform is essential in helping all citizens feel that our state government is working for us, not mired in political scandal after political scandal.

A life-long resident of the Lowcountry, Russell will work hard to bring transparency, honesty and integrity to all areas of the state legislature. His willingness to listen to the voters will ensure that he won’t lose touch with what his constituents think.

We need his energy, enthusiasm and fresh outlook in Columbia. On June 10, join me in supporting Russell Guerard for State House Seat 110. Robert E. Turner IV

Mount Pleasant, S.C. Readers, can you help?

Dear Editor:

Most people in Charleston are unaware of the tons of debris and trash in our high tide line that is hidden where the marsh grass meets the coastal shrubs. This area is critical to Charleston’s seafood harvest. These rural coastal areas hold the next generation of shrimp, oysters, flounder, etc. that could appear on your plate next year. The chemicals contained in this debris results in diminished seafood stocks and barren areas unable to even host the next generation of seafood.

Wounded Nature – Working Veterans utilizing volunteers and public donations works to remove the trash and debris from Charleston’s coastal areas.

We have our next two cleanups scheduled and we hope to have you join us. We will be cleaning up the southern end of Daniel Island on June 7th and returning to Drum Island (eastern shore this time) on June 21. We have postponed Duck Island due to a lack of equipment and necessary resources.

We will be providing a boat that can move only 12 volunteers at a time. As a result, we need as many private boats as possible to participate.

For both cleanups we will have an 8:30 sign-in and safety briefing — you must sign in before going to the cleanup area. The after cleanup event will be from 12-2 p.m. with some great prizes to give away — every participant is eligible to win.

We will be meeting in the Patriots Point employee parking lot near the Yorktown. 

Volunteers should come around to the south side of the museum property - take Patriots Point Road all the way down to the roundabout, then take the first road off the roundabout, turn right at the stop sign, and you will see their employee parking area directly in front of you. If they follow the signs on the road for buses, the signs will lead you to the same area.

Other areas where we need volunteer assistance:   Items we need (you may have a friend, relative, or neighbor who have some of these items just occupying space in their yard or garage):
— Boat trailer that will handle 20-foot boat.
— Small boat to be used to tow and handle the jon boats.
— A double axle enclosed trailer to haul equipment from 15-20’ but we will take any sized double axle enclosed trailer as a donation.
— Any kayaks and standup paddleboards — to be used on future cleanups.

  Donations are always our greatest need. If you can donate, no amount is too small or large. You know where and how your donation is being spent. Please make a contribution online at: http://woundednature.org/support-us/donate/. It only takes two minutes.

Rudy Socha
CEO, Wounded Nature – Working Veterans
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Charleston, S.C.

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